Complete James Babb Diaries in pdf format


There are three existing diaries relating to Epsom by James Babb, the first is held at the Special Collections of the University of NH Library, the remaining (plus others after James Babb moved to Massachusetts) are held by the New Hampshire Historical Society. The writings are transcribed reading the originals as best as possible. Many abbreviated words have been written out, and peoples names written out in full when they were identified, other spellings of the time and abbreviations remain intact. It is hoped that writing out some of the words and names will make the diaries easier to read and of more interest to readers. Many business transactions are included, but in some kind of personal code used by James Babb and could not be read. James Babb was a trader and merchant and should not be confused with his cousin James Babb who studied medicine at Dartmouth and became a Doctor. Both resided in Epsom at the same time.

Thomas Babb born July 10, 1752
died Nov. 1, 1808

Elizh Wallace born Sep 4, 1754
died Octr 10, 1787

The above were Married Apl 4, 1776
Their Children
Margaret & Sarah born Jany 27, 1777
Elizabeth born June 27, 1779
Jane Wallace born June 27, 1781
Rachel born June 28, 1783

Sarah Blake born Dec. 23, 1763
and Married Thos Babb
June 6, 1788
their Children
Priscilla Rundlett born July 28, 1789
Hannah born Aug. 8, 1792
James born Jany 11, 1794
Thomas born Augt 27, 1799
Amelia born Octr 16, 1801

John Carr & Priscilla R. Babb were Married May 25, 1815 __________
Their children
Sarah Elizabeth born Febr 28, 1816
John James born Decr 18, 1817
Thomas Babb born Sep 24, 1822

Ephrm Green & Amelia Babb were Married Sept. 1820 by Elder John Crockett
Their Children
James Babb born June 21, 1821

DIARY OF JAMES BABB Sept. 17, 1819 - July 2, 1820
From Special Collections Dept., UNH Library

Friday Sept 17, 1819

Amelia is no better
Went early in the morning with Dr. Carr to take pigeons in a net - took 33 at two hauls - -
set out from Sanbornton at 2 p.m. & arrived at Epsom at 10 p.m. - wrote a letter to Mr. Seavey from Batchelder's Mills and sent it by David Mous requesting payment of his note by 1st Octr.

Weather moderate --
Called at Thomas Butlers' his wife gone visiting. Stopt an hour and gave the pony some corn.

Saturday Sept. 18, 1819

At store all day - Moderate, had some company.
Set out for Northwood at 1/2 9 P.M. at Mr. Clarke's 1/2 11 (took supper at Mr. Langmaid's)
___ S & Elizabeth came down on Monday last to Northwood returned to H.
Wednesday following ---
Hon. John Langdon died at Portsmouth this morning Aet 80 yrs

Sabbath Sept. 19, 1819
Pleasant - Attended meeting
Mr. Wells preached
Text A.M. Eccless 12-1
" P.M. Luke 15-7
Saw # at Mr. Ks in P.M., tarried 1/2 hour at Mr. C's at noon - took tea at Mr. K's. # there & tarried while sunset when Mr. Mead sent Mary Ann for # to come home -- & I wished hours at Paris.
I walked down with # & said good evening.
Set out from Mr. Clarke's at 10 and at Epsom 1/2 p 1 A.M. (20 John Berry at Northwood Meeting in PM.) Took a line from L.H.M. to Miss B. Judge Darling & his daughter Julia tarried Mr. Clarke's this night.

Monday 20 Septr 1819
Cool - windy & overcast
At store all day
Saw Mr. Kimball of Sanbornton who told me that he saw my sister last evening & that she is not any better
Called at Mr. Merrill's in the evening & at Mr Steele's
Mr. Steele went to Exeter
General McClary & Mary to Portsmouth
E. Lane Esq. & Widow Jenness were published at Pittsfield Yesterday

Tuesday 21 Sep. 1819
Cold & Windy at store
Sent Mr. Mead's letter to Porstmouth by a young man who promised to leave it at Mr Cochrans
Received a letter from Dr. Carr by Mr. Judkins

Wednesday Sepr 22, 1819
Cool weather at home all day
set off for Portsmouth at 9 P.M. with Daniel Locke
via Exeter traveled all night
very rainy

Thursday Septr 23, 1819
Arrived at Exeter at 5 A.M.
breakfasted at Mr. Buswels
saw Mark Piper -
set off for Portsmouth, at 10 A.M. arrived at Portsmouth 1/2 p 1 & put up at Wilds Hotel
Tarried all night

Friday Sept 24, 1819
Overcast. Bot Hhd Rum, Cotten
sugar etc
set out for home 1 P.M.
At Mr. Clarke's by 6
tarried all night
walked to K's - all forlorn - wanted to see # but did not
Mr. K arrived at 8 evening

Saturday Septr 25, 1819
Rainy. At Mr. Clarke's all day posting books
walked to Mr. K's in evening tarried an hour, returning saw # at the chamber window.
O that I could have spoken with her - left a letter with friend K for # dated 23ish.

Sunday Septr 26, 1819
Overcast Came home from Northwood in morning
at Epsom by 9 A.M.
at Meeting in A.M.
Mr. Wells preached from Proverbs. 18.8
at home in P.M.
went to General McClary's in evening & took tea
Rev. Mr. Curtis had a daughter born

Monday Sept. 27, 1819
Overcast A.M. Warm & Clear P.M.
at home A.M. went to Mr. Coe's P.M. to meeting of Officers of 2nd Battalion 18th Regt. For exercise. Took tea at Mr. Ebenezer Coes with Mr. Clarke - rode down with David Bennett, home with G. Allen
tarried at Mr. Steele's all night with David
Mr. Steele & wife went to Portsmouth
J. Kelley to Exeter
Squash grew in Mrs. E. McClarys Garden Wt 62.00 4 1/2 ft in circumference weighed by Col. Jonathan B. Moody & myself. Col. Jonathan's largest weighed 53.00
Heard from Amelia this day by Mr. Lane of Sanbornton. She was better yesterday.

Tuesday Septr 28, 1819
Overcast - warm
at store all day. Dr. Morrill & Mr. Haynes set off for Exeter this morning
Boston carriage started for home from Capt. Grays -
Copied Mr. Lord's letter to Mr. Curtis & Mr. Curtis' answer
David Steele born Nov. 27, 1793 at Peterborough, N.H.

Wednesday Septr 29, 1819
At store. Showery all day
Training Capt. Osgood & Capt. Brown's Company
had some dancing in the evening & very unpleasant company
all went away by 9 P.M.

Thursday Sept. 30, 1819
At store. Weather very pleasant in the evening - heard that the ___ Morrill v. Haynes - about the voting business had been decided this morning in favour of the Plaintiff by the Superior Court of NH
Mr. Wm Parsons & lady of Boston arrived at Capt. Grays this evening in a carriage accompanied by two or more other of their connections ---
thought of # & that I could but see her - but alas that privilege is denied me

Friday Oct 1. 1819
At home all day
had but little company - people all quarrelling about the voting cause - -
Morals of the people of this town are growing worse with rapid strides

Monday October 4, 1819
Cold & Windy. at store all day
was very tired from the effects of last evenings walk - -
O # whether sleeping or waking your lovely form is ever present to my imagination - & associated with all that is amiable & endearing in the female character in my mind - If bounteous providence has any blessings in store for me may this me included in the number to pass the evening of live in the society of the person so highly loved.
Ann Stickney of Concord called at Mrs. McClary's today with Miss Barker. Mr. John Lord had his second meeting at Epsom Meeting House this P.M. Mr. Chesley opened the doors. Mr. Curtis attended - I did not go.
Expect # will go to Newmarket this or tomorrow

Tuesday Oct. 5, 1819
Examination at Miss Front's school at Northwood this P.M.
# will doubtfully be there
at store all day
walk'd to General McClarys in the evening with David Steele -
Mr. Lord preached at Allenstown today. Jonathan McClary & Dr. Chesley went to hear him

Wednesday Oct. 6, 1819
Weather Pleasant . At home
Exhibition at Newmarket Academy
# is probably there perhaps surrounded by admiring spectators or kind friends of there. may she have an agreeable & pleasant time & return in safety -
O # do not forget that you have one true friend - he will never forget you
beautiful evening 10 P.M.

Thursday 7th Octr 1819
At home all day
Weather moderate & pleasant
Mrs. McClary & Max Steele went to Portsmouth
Heard that Mr. & Mrs Clarke went to Hillsboro on Monday last
Moon shown beautifully in the evening. Dear # could I walk with you this eve how pleasant would it be
Perhaps at this innocent you are at Mr. K's or in your chamber wherever you may happen to me & that I were there also.
1/2 p 8 p.m.

Friday Oct 8, 1819
At home - weather pleasant
Sarah M. Lord, daughter of Mr. Samuel Lord of Portsmouth died at Portsmouth Oct. 6
Mrs Morrill visited at Mrs McClary's this P.M.
Mr. Morrill called at house in the evening & is to call again in tomorrow - posted 4 pages & copied them
in the eve read a while in Boswells Life of Johnson. Thought of dear # & then to bed.
1/4 p 10 P.M.

Saturday Octr 9, 1819
At home. packed butter in the P.M.
Mr. Clarke called in the eve, had been to Hillsboro, went to Northwood with him - arrived at ½ pt 9
Mr. McClary and Mr. Steele returned from Portsmouth

Sabbath Octr 10, 1819
Rainy in A.M., at Mr. Clarke's all day - Mr. L. Hill called at the house about sunset and tarried 1/2 hour.
I then set out for Epsom. Mr. Mead walked with me as we pass'd his fathers. Saw # near the window. O that I could have spoken one word to her--
Called at Mr. K's, stopt an hour & eat some pie - wrote a few lines at store & left them at Mr. K;s for #, hop'd to have found her at Mr. K's but was disappointed.
Mr. Leavitt & family areat Mr. McClary's expect to set out for Bangor Me. Friday next
O my friend I must see you soon much longer I cannot live peaceably with out it
Mr. K informed me that when # was told that I was there last Sh her "eyes glistened & the tears started" O friend beloved when I forget thee then may my righth'd forget its coming.

Monday Oct. 11, 1819
I arrived at store last eve 1/2 p 10 P.M.
Found E.H_ & D.S. engaged in making a great fuss about nothing - D.S.(David Steele) tarried with me all night.
At home all day - called at Mr. Merrill's & Mr. Steele in evening.
read Boswells life of Johnson until 11 P.M.
thought of # and to bed.
Mr. Samuel Lord had a son born this eve at Portsmouth.

Tuesday Octr 12, 1819
At home until evening then went to John Chesleys to husking.
Col. Jonathan there. Tarried while 1/2p 10 - took supper & at home.
Northern lights very brilliant when I returned.
Wrote a letter to # dated it (13th) set up while 12 M

Wednesday 13 Octr 1819
At house - first snow for the season & but little of that - training in P.M. both Company's out.
had some customers, a few tarried late
Col. Serg? "Be gone dull care" & Adams & Liberty in style & retired 1/2 p 11 P.M.
I set up while Midnight & read Boswell. Thought of # & retired for the night. E__ at Mr Merrill's
Moody called me up in the morning & wanted some stuff. at home all day. Eliza at Mr. Steele's.
Mrs. Steele sick with Dysentery.
Weather chilly
D. Steele slept with me tonight

Expected to see L.H.M (Levi Hilton Mead) today but he did not come.
Recipe for Making Ink
Communicated to H. Niles editor of the Weekly Register by Jos. James, Esq.

Take one Gallon of soft water & boil in it 1tt Logwood chips 1/2 an hour then take it from the fire & pour it off from the chips, while boiling hot, __ a pound of the best Aleppo Galls (Nutgalls) reduced to a fine powder & 2 Oz pomegranate pals? put in a proper vessel - After stirring them well together with a wooden spatula place them in the sunshine in summer & within the warmth of fire in winter for 3 or 4 days - stirring the mixture as often as convenient. Then add 1/2 tb of Green Nitriol (Copperas) produced & let it remain 4 or 5 days more stirring it frequently - then add further 4 ounces Gm Arabic, dissolved in a Quart of boiling water and after giving the __ sometime to settle strain it off from the drugs?? & keep it well stopped for use.
If the ink be desired to shine? more the proportion of pomegranate peel must be increased.
In order to secure this ink from growing moldy 1/4 pint or more of spirit of iodine may be added' but to prevent its containing any acid which may injure the ink a little salt of tartar or pearlahes should be added previously & the spirit poured from it which will render it innocent with regard to the colour of the ink.
Niles Register Sepr 25, 1819
1tt Logwood in 1 Gn Water
1tt Nutgalls pulo
2 oz pomegranate peals pulo)
1/2 Copperas
1/4 ? Gum Arabic in 12T water
1 Gill ?? Wine

Friday 15 Octr 1819
At home. Engage in P.M. packing Butter.
Some company in the evening. D. Steele slept with me.

Saturday Oct. 16, 1819
At home. Weather moderate.
Engaged packing Butter in the A.M.
Anne Morrill & Ann McClary came over from Pembroke. I called at Mr. Steele's in the evening.

Sabbath Oct. 17, 1819
Went to Pembroke with Jonathan Berry. At meeting in P.M.
Mr. Burnham preached Text ? 16.30
? what shall I do to be saved.
Returned to Epsom at night. Mr. B set out for Pittsfield

Monday Octr 18, 1819
At home. Ann Morrill & Ann McClary returned to Pembroke
L.H M. (Levi Hilton Mead) dined at Mrs. McClary's & went to Pembroke. Wrote by him to JN & #.
Slept none last night had a severe toothache, up at 4 A.M.
Lot of Capt. Heath 200 Wr Manual @ 5 1/4 $
Thought of dear # & and to bed about 10 P.M.
Hope Hilton will have a pleasant ride.
Mr. Clarke & wife set out for Exeter this morning.
Mr. Mead returned from Pembroke 11 P.M. & tarried with me all night.
Jonathan Berry Aet 28 this day.

Tuesday Octr 19, 1819
Mr. Mead took breakfast with me & set off for Gilmanton at 8 A.M.
Moses P. Gray extracted a tooth for me which had been very painful since Sabbath afternoon.
Col. Jonathan went a gunning & killed 4 Partridges, 3 squirrels and a pigeon.
Was at home all day. Weather chilly.
Sent by Smart for 1tr Nutgalls & 2 oz Pomegranate peels 9d.
Tub H tea & 1 Cut Copperas. Gave him 6/ each.

Wednesday 20 October 1819
Weather moderate, rainy in the morning (at home)
Mrs. Steele is much better.
O could I see dear # for 1/2 hour should be rejoiced -
Col. Jonathan invited me to dine with on Squirrels & Partridges, went accordingly as did J.S. Esq. & D.S. Had an excellent dinner.
Miss Ann E. Couch & Misses Locke's visited at Mrs. McClary in P.M. Rainy in evening.
Singing School at the school house near the meeting house in Epsom every Wednesday evening. Mr. Curtis presides. Harriot McClary attended it. Mr. Sanborn is manufacturing a table for me today.

Thursday Octr 21, 1819
At home all day - little company
weather chilly
Harriot & Elvira & Mr. Knox & lady took tea at Mr. Steele's this P.M.

Friday October 22, 1819
Rainy in morning
Cloudy P.M. - at home
Commenced making Ink according to Mr. Niles recipe

Dr. Morrill has sold his seat to Dr. Crosby (as is said) for ##### more than it is worth - Dr. Morrill is to leave Epsom, remove to Concord having purchased D.H. J. Bonds stock in trade.
Mr. Morrill & Miss Coffin (of Pembroke) called at Mrs McClary's in the evening - as did David Steele & Mr. Simon Heath. I walked to Doctors with them. Called at Mr. S's & tarried 1/2 hour. Capt. Simon Ames Heath & lady visited at Mr. S's this P.M.
Harriot & ?? wrote a letter to Ann.

Dear # ever in the thoughts of your friend ~ may you at this moment # ever be happy.
11 P.M.

Saturday Octr 23, 1819
At home all day
Dr. Morrill set off from Epsom for Concord - set off from store at 9 P.M. for Northwood, very dark. Arrived at Mr. K's about Midnight & tarried all night there. It rained when I started, star light when at the end of my journey.

Sabbath October 24, 1819
Rainy in the morning.
Attended the sabbath school being the last day for the season & then at Meeting. Mr. Prentice preached from 2 Timothy 3:16 in the P.M.. The Sabbath Scholars set with their instructors & the discourse was practicably advanced to the children - the sermon was most excellent.

# at meeting in the P.M. had the pleasure of seeing her, but could not converse with my friend - did just ask if she was well & that was all. O my dearest friend what would I not have given to have been allowed the privilege of passing one half hour in your chamber last evening. Will fortune always prove unkind? I hope & trust it will not - however providence may order - my best wishes for your happiness shall be ever granted. Saw # in her chamber at 8. Set out from Mr. K's at 9 1/2 and at store 12 Midnight.
O # must see you soon or --

Monday October 25, 1819
Pleasant A.M. up at 7. First in thoughts this morning was #
Went to General McClary's in P.M. & took a line to P.M. G. signed by the Ml the S~ & the Lr
In the evening took it & carried it to Northwood to forward to W. tomorrow.
Went to Northwood in one hour, expected there would have been an examination of Mrs. Front's school but was disappointed.
Called at Mr. M's in evening. Saw dear #. Tarried one hour, returned to Mr. C's & tarried all night.
Mr. M & wife were sociable & I had quite an unexpected reception -- O # could I have had a few moments converse with you, my happiness would have been complete.
Went to bed past 11 P.M.

Tuesday October 26, 1819
Rose at 1/2 past 3 A.M. mounted Mr. Steele's pony at 4 and jogged for Epsom and arrived at 6. All in bed. Left the store last evening in the care of David Steele and found him in my bed this morning.
Col. Jonathan dined at widows.
Eliza & Harriet took tea at Dr. M's with Misses Ms. of Gilmanton.
Dr. Crosby bargained with Mr. M for his board @ 12/ and is to come tomorrow.
Set up while 20 Minutes ante 12 Midnight. thought of # and retired for the night.
Had some company in P.M.
Last night coldest that has been for the season.

Wednesday October 27, 1819
Weather chilly - rose at 1/2 past 7 abominably to lay in bed so late. resolve to do better in future. At home all day.
Misses Frances and Rebecca Moody visited at Mrs. McClarys - was introduced - appear to be pleasant and sociable enough - more so than any young ladies that I have met since my residence in Epsom.
Walked up with them to Benjamin Moody Esq.'s as did Dr. Crosby and called in a few moments.
Dr. Crosby came to Mr. McClarys to board this evening and took tea - he occupies the bedroom and we sleep together in the west front room. 10 P.M.
Thursday October 28, 1819
At home - had wood - house built

Notification put up for town meeting the 15th November next for the purpose of choosing Town Clerk and Selectmen - in the __ of Dr. Samuel Morrill.

Dear # my thoughts at this time recur to thee. May good angels protect you from every ill.
Still my belov'd, still keep in mind, However far removed from me, That there is one thou
leavs't behind, Whose heart respires for only thee!

Friday Oct. 29, 1819
At home all day.

Saturday 30
At home. Wrote to my sister by Mr. Staniels and to Mr. Kelly by Mr. Hill requesting # to be at his house tomorrow evening.
Mr. J.S. Thorndike of Pittsfield called on me in the P.M. on his way to Concord.
Had company until 1/4 p 9

Sabbath Oct. 31, 1819
Weather pleasant
Attended meeting - Mr. Curtis preached.
Text A.M. Ezekiel 33.11
P.M. Ditto

Went to Northwood in evening (walked) found # at Mr. K's. it was a pleasant evening and the moon shone brightly. had a delightful time. walked home with # and had a social converse - O I would go twice as far to see # at any time.

Monday Nov. 1, 1819
At home all day.
Received a letter from Dr. Carr informing that my mother is very sick.
May it not unto death but should it be the will of providence. may she soon be restored to health and strength.
Wrote to S. Rollins for Hhd Rum, NE and T.G. Berry enclosing 22$ and sent by Mr. Merrill.
Wrote to J. Kelly, Jonathan Nealey and Samuel Morrill.
Mr. Merrill did not go to ph & did not send to TGB and S. Rollins

Tuesday Nov. 2, 1819
At home all day - Rainy.
Spent the evening at Mr. Steele's
Dear # intended to have written to you but company prevented.
10 P.M.

Wednesday Nov. 3, 1819

Capt. Isaac Osgood of this town put an end to his existence this morning by cutting his throat with a razor. - he had been partially deranged for some time and indulged the idea that poverty would soon overtake him and that his family would come to want. - he was probably as independent as to property as any farmer in town. - he arose in the morning, directed his nephew to go to the barn and find the cattle then took the pail and went to the pen and fed the swine- set the pail down, took off his hat, lay himself down on the floor, his head on a block, and deliberately as it would be seen, performed the fatal operation and died very soon after.
I saw him soon after the deed was performed. This scene was awful and solemn. Rev. Mr. Curtis made an impressive and affecting prayer.

Weather overcast and moderate.

Wrote to Dr. Carr and enclosed 30/ - sent the letter to Yeatons Tavern by Jesse Emerson to be forwarded by Capt. Lane to Sanbornton tomorrow. Took the above from Yeatons - myself.

Thursday Nov. 4, 1819
At home A.M.
P.M. at Capt. Osgood's funeral. Mr. Curtis preached from Psalm 77.19. I should suppose 300 people attended.

Friday Nov. 5, 1819
At home, windy.
Spent one hour at Mr. J. Steele's in evening with Dr. Crosby and Harriet.
Went to bed at 10 P.M.
Wrote to Dr. Carr by Capt. Lane and enclosed 3o/

Saturday Nov. 6, 1819
Cold - at home
Weighed by David Steele and weighed 156 lbs.
In the evening there was a meeting at Mr. D. C's, Mr. S. was nominated for Selectman and Col. M. for Town Clerk
I went to Northwood in evening. Arrived at Mr. Clarke's 10 P.M., set up while past 11- and then retired to rest.

Sabbath 7 Nov. 1819
Attended meeting in the P.M. Mr. Prentice preached from Malachi 3.2
# at meeting - 1/2 p 6 P.M. set out from Mr. Clarke,s, called at Mr. K's, found her who is "lovely to soul and to eye." tarried while 1/2 p 8 and walked home with # brother. Had a delightful evening then walked to Epsom and arrived 11 P.M.
Very dark and weather chilly.

Monday 8 Nov. 1819
At home - Mr. Jonathan Lord preached at Epsom Meeting house. Simon Grant officiated as Deacon. Col. Jonathan attended meeting.
Mr. C. pulled up his post opposite Mr. C's house which was placed there for his gate to swing against.
Dr. M arrived at Epsom from Concord.

Tuesday Nov. 9, 1819
Was particularly mentioned as being a remarkably dark day and in the P.M. the atmosphere appeared of a yellowish hue - and it was so dark in the store that I had occasion to light a candle at 3 o'clock.
Dr. J. Crosby went to Deerfield .
At home all day. Went to Aunt Harriet's in the evening with Mr. Badger - and she leased her place to him for one year from this date.

Wednesday Nov. 10, 1819
At home. Dr. Crosby returned from Deerfield.
Mr. Steele and wife took tea at Widows.
Wrote to # and forwarded by S. Crockett.
Capt. Morrison of Northwood called in the evening.

Thursday Nov. 11, 1819
At home. Weather overcast.
Letter came in the mail directed to Dr. M. and postmarked - "P.O. Department" Probably contained Dr. C's commission. Mailed Nov. 1, 1819.
The foregoing contained notice of Dr. Crosby's appointment as Post Master in Epsom.
Caucus this evening at Mr. William Yeatons Inn and another at Capt. Grays.
Dr. Crosby's brother Dixcy came to Epsom on a visit.

Friday Nov. 12, 1819
Very moderate for the season. Mrs. M had here shed moved. I sold the manure underneath the wood house to Isaac Towle for 12/. Present William H. Dickey and W. Parker.
Elizabeth and Harriet visited at Capt. Simon Ames Heath's. Had an invitation to tea. Did not go.

Saturday Nov. 13, 1819
Rainy A.M. Moderate
It was determined at the caucus at Capt. Gray's on Thursday evening that at the Town meeting Monday next to try for moderator and if not successful, to proceed no further but declare Dr. M. to be the Clerk and one of the Selectman until the close of the political year.
Wrote to Mr. K.

Sunday Nov. 14, 1819
Weather cold. At meeting all day. Mr. Curtis preached from Hebrews 4.9
Took tea at General McClary's in company with John Sanborn and Wife & David Steele
Sent L.H.M's (Levi H. Mead) letter by John Sanborn.
Returned from Generals at 1/4 before 9.
Thought of # and to bed.

Monday Nov. 15, 1819
Weather moderate.
Town meeting at 2 p.m.
Michael McClary chosen moderator by a majority of 64. Jonathan McClary Esq. Town Clerk 143
Richard Tripp Selectman 134
No other candidates.

Dr. M appeared in meeting and stated that he was ready to attend to the duties of his office. The vote was then taken to see if the town would choose a new clerk & S. Man which was carried by a large majority. They also voted that Jonathan McClary should apply to Dr. M for the town record and if he should refuse to deliver them, he should take such steps as he should deem expedient to obtain them at the expense of the town.

I sold 318 Gallons Spirit and set up while Midnight
Some sore heads I guess - sent letter by Rowe to Mr. K.

Tuesday 16, Nov. 1819
At store all day.
Dr. Crosby removed the P.O. to Widow M's
Received a letter from friend K. dated yesterday.
8 P.M.
Company all gone.
Dear # wish I could see you. Set up while 1/4 past 9.

Wednesday Nov. 17, 1819
Weather overcast and warm
At home A.M.
Went to Pittsfield in P.M. to Jeremiah Dow's after shoes. Did not get them.
Called at Maj. D's . Deborah showed me her wedding gown. She is to be married Thanksgiving.

Went to the school house in the evening to hear the singing and called at Mr. S's when I returned.
Rainy in evening and very dark.

Thursday Nov. 18, 1819
Mail opened the first time by Dr. Crosby. the new Post Master at 6 A.M.
Weather pleasant for the season. Thanksgiving in all the New England States 2nd next month

Friday Nov. 19, 1819
At home

Saturday Nov. 20, 1819
At home until evening then went to Northwood. Arrived at Mr. Clarke's 11 P.M. All abed but Mary.

Sunday Nov. 21, 1819
At Mr. Clarke's all day. No Meeting. Mr. Prentice preached at Pittsfield.
Mr. Clarke exercised the office of Barber on my head.
Called at Mr. K's in evening
Met # and E going to Mr. K?'s, called again and walked home with #.

Monday Nov. 22, 1819
Went to Northwood with D. Steele. Dined at Mr. Clarke's and then went to Milchers Vendue
Did not make any purchases on account of the Vendue being adjourned.
Returned to Mr. C's, found Esq. J. and daughters - went to Mr. Mead's and # came to Mr. Clarke's with me. Had a very social time and took tea.
At Epsom by 11 P.M.
Received a line from Dr. Crosby in morning.
Dr. Crosby attended store 1/2 day for me.

Tuesday Nov. 23, 1819
Dr. Crosby gone to Concord. I have to go to Pembroke in P.M. much against my will.
P.M. went to General's for his chaise to go to Pembroke. It rained and he would not let it go.
Ann and Harriet came home with Dr. Crosby at 8 evening.
Mr. Mrs. Clarke set out for Boston this day at 10 o'clock A.M.
Dr. Crosby got a Courier for friend K at Secretary's Office on opening it I found he was appointed a J.P. for Grafton County
Thought of last evening and regretted that I had to leave such agreeable company.

Wednesday Nov. 24, 1819
Sent Mr.? K's Cour to Concord by Dr. Morrill to have it __.
At home all day, had some company in P.M. and evening.
Settled Mrs. Mary Durgin's account with Dr. M and paid $4.37 to him.

Thursday Nov. 25, 1813
At home. Sent 100$ to J.? Rollins by Mr. Leander Badger and an order for Sgt & H. Tea.
Had some company in evening, among others S.D. No. 4 was DO.DO shut up at ¼ p 10.
Heard Dr. C read ?? while I thought of Dear # and? to bed

Friday Nov. 26, 1819
Heard that Mr. Moses Swett of Pittsfield and Miss Deborah Drake of same place were married yesterday P.M. by Reverend Mr. Curtis at Mr. C's house in this town.
Dr. Crosby went to Deerfield this A.M. to return in evening.
At home all day.
Weather cloudy and moderate.
Heard that No. 4 an hour at the Dippers last evening.
O Tempora O Mannus

Saturday Nov. 27, 1819
At home until evening.
Had some company. Weather cool.
Evening went to Northwood at Mr. Clarke's by 12 midnight.
Mr. C. had not returned from B.

Sunday Nov. 28, 1819
Attended meeting at Northwood all day. Mr. Prentice.
A.M. Text Luke 16.24
P.M. 25.26

# at meeting, walked home with # and Elizabeth and Levi Hilton Mead
Called at Mr. K's evening and at Epsom by 1/2p 11
Mr. M and Misses M's and Dr. was up

David Steele dined at Mr. M's and told that I had said to him that I was engaged to # - which is totally and entirely false - never having said anything of the kind to him in my life.
His good intentions toward me I duly appreciate. Perhaps I may sometime have opportunity to repay him.

Monday Nov. 29, 1819
At home all day. Nothing interesting occurred. Wrote to Dr. Carr and enclosed 5$ to my mother.

Tuesday 30 Nov. 1819
At home - weather cold and overcast.
Gideon Moore of Northwood at store. Expected to have seen Mr. K this day but was disappointed.
Believe Mr. Clarke returned from B. last evening.

Wednesday Dec. 1, 1819
At home all day. Mr. K of Northwood called on me and dined at Mrs. M's. Received by him Boubarettse (?) and Calliocs (?) from Boston. Had considerable company in evening.

Thursday Dec. 2, 1819
A.M. pleasant.
Thanksgiving Day
Walked to Northwood - took supper at Mr. Kelly's and tarried while 10 P.M.
# and Martha spent the evening at Mr. K's. Had a very pleasant and agreeable time and walked home with the ladies. Went to Mr. Clarkes's and tarried until 12 o'clock and then called at Capts', took his pony and arrived at Epsom 20 minutes past 2
Was presented with the following lines written by a much esteemed friend~
Farewell to you my friend
May Heaven's sweet peace bestow
And strew the path with flowers
In which you are called to go
Oft shall I retrospect
On hours forever past
And view with pensive eye
The one which proves the last
Friendship hath power to charm
It sweetens all our ways
Oft doth its soothing balm
Yield a benign repose
Do not too soon forget
Those whom you leave behind
While memory holds her seat
I'll bear you on my mind

Friday Dec. 3, 1819

Up at 6 A.M. Took breakfast
Got Chesley's pony and Capt. Heath's wagon and went to Northwood. Dined at Mr. Clarke's, selected goods to amount of 300$, gave my note payable in 6 months for $275. Took tea at Mr. K's. # there. Stopt while 8 P.M. and set off for Epsom. Arrived at store 1/4 past 10~P.M.
Mr. Badger attended store.

Saturday Dec. 4, 1819
At home all day. Engaged in putting up goods and setting the store in order. Mr. Badger with me. The Mc at the store and rather boozy. Had considerable company.

Sabbath Dec. 5, 1819
Weather cold.
The day appointed for Mr. Lord to preach in the meeting house. Went to meeting about 1/2p 10. Mr. Lord was delivering his sermon, his text I was told was in Acts 19.36. Mr. Curtis came into the Meetinghouse about 11 o'clock, went into the pulpit and told the people that all who felt disposed to attend the worship of God could be accommodated in the school house and desired them to go who choose. About 4/5 of the congregation immediately left the house and followed Mr. Curtis to the school house. I tarried until Mr. Lord finished his forenoon services when is was 20 minutes p 11 and he mentioned that the intermission would be 3/4 of an hour.
In the P.M. I attended the Meeting at the School House. Mr. Curtis preached a very good sermon from the first Epistle of John 4 Chap. 5 + 6. The building was crowded so much that more than half of the hearers were obliged to stand up during the whole of the services.
Am told this evening a second meeting is appointed at the meeting house from this day. D. Abner Jones to officiate.
Mr. D. Locke 3rd had a child buried this P.M. which was still born yesterday. Mr. Curtis attended the funeral.

Monday Dec. 6, 1819
At home. Nothing new.
Harriet and Ann visited at Mr. Steele's - I was in a few minutes in the evening.
Wrote to Mr. Kelly.

Tuesday Dec. 7, 1819
Moderate for the season.
At home all day
Simon Grant and Mathias Haynes had a battle in the store. Nobody killed or hurt.
Sent. Mr. K's letter and courier by Mr. Stokly
Mr. C and wife on their return from Henniker came to Mr. M's and tarried all night.

Wednesday Dec. 8, 1819
Moderate. At home all day.
Mr. Clarke and wife set out for Northwood, 10 A.M.
Harriet and Ann and Dr. Crosby visited at General McClary's P.M. and evening.
I walked up and was there just as they set out for home. Did not call. Was in at the school house and heard Mr. Curtis make a prayer.

Thursday Dec. 9, 1819
Weather very warm for the season.
At home all day.
Called at Mr. Steele's in the evening. Dr. Crosby there.

Friday Dec. 10, 1819
Last night about 11 P.M. the wind began to blow very hard. It continued through the night. This morning it is very cold and blustering.
Leonard W. Kimball called at the store from Newburyport.
Dreamed of seeing # last night - o that it proved reality
Set up while 11 and to bed.

Saturday Dec. 11, 1819
Cold and windy. At home all day. Had some company. Colo so so
Leonard Kimball returned home. Mr. J. Steele promises to put security in my handfor Paupers debt next week or pay it and I would give up the watch.

Sabbath Dec. 12, 1819
Weather cold.
At meeting all day.
Mr. Curtis preached.
Text A.M. Daniel 5 4.5, 6 +25
P.M. Revelations 3.10

Wrote to Dr. Carr and sent 15 yards Boubaretta to my Mother by Warren Badger.
Called at Mrs. Sanborns and Mr. Steele's in evening.

Monday Dec. 13, 1819
Weather cold. Mr. Merrill went to Boston and Harriet went to Mr. M's to spend the week. Mr L..H.M. at store and dined with me.
Dr. C went to Deerfield last evening and returned at 8 P.M. this day.
Mr. M informed me that # was well.

Tuesday Dec. 14, 1819
Weather cold. Col. Samuel Osgood died Aet 83
2 1/2 inches snow fell in P.M.
Went to Pittsfield with Mr. Steele. Saw my sister Hannah. Dined at Mr. Butlers on roast Turkey. At home by 7 P.M.
Dr. Crosby attended store in A.M. and Mr. Badger in P.M.
Mr. Perkins had his leg broken in store by Mr. Chesley just before I returned from Pittsfield. Accidental.
My sister informed me that Miss C. Berry had entertined a hope that she mad experienced a change of heart.

Wednesday Dec. 15, 1819
At home all day. Had some company.

Thursday Dec. 16, 1819
Weather moderate.
Set out for Portsmouth at 9 A.M.
Called at Mr. Clarke's 15 minutes
Called at Capt. Richardson's, arrived at Wilds 4 P.M.
Found Mr. Clarke there just ready to sail for home.
Took tea at Wild's and attended a concert of Music at the assembly room by Mr. Philip Lewis and his 4 children - the eldest 9, the youngest 3 years of age. They performed several pieces of music with a degree of excellence that astonished the beholders. On the piano, harp, violin and violin-cello.
Paid 3/
At lodgings by 10. Thought of # and to bed.

Friday 17 Dec. 1819
Weather moderate. Purchased various articles of Merchandise and at 4 P.M. set out for home. Arrived at Mr. Clarke's at 1/4 ante 9.
Called at Richardsons in Dover and at Mr. Blydenburgh's.saw Mtxxx. Tarried at Mr. G all night.

Saturday Dec. 18, 1819
Pleasant. Took breakfast at Mr. Clarkes's 1/2p 10 A.M. Called at Mr. Mead's. found dear # alone. Tarried one hour and then set off for Epsom. Arrived 3 P.M.
Settled with Ex. Cotton Factory.

Sabbath 19 Dec. 1819
Moderate. A Mr. Kinsmen of Free Will preached in the Meeting House. Mr. Curtis in school House. At Mr. Curtis' Meeting in the P.M. Text Hebrews 11-24-26.
Spent the evening at Mr. Merrill's with Dr. Crosby very pleasantly. Mr. M returned from B.
Mr. Curtis went into the Meeting House in A.M. Mr. D met him in the aisle and requested him to be ___ in A.M. and preach in P.M. Mr. C. declined.

Monday Dec. 20, 1819
At home all day.
Unloaded a Hhd Rum and one of Molasses from Portsmouth.
Dr. Crosby took tea at Mr. Steele's. M.J.B. settled with Widow and owed her \#

Tuesday Dec. 21, 1819
Weather cold. At home all day.

Wednesday Dec. 22
At home.

Thursday Dec. 23
At home. Dr. Crosby went to Deerfield. Pleasant.

Friday Dec. 24, 1819
Pleasant A.M. 4 inches snow P.M.
Spent the evening at Mr. Curtis as did Dr. Crosby, Eliza, Ann and Harriet.
Shooting at Yeatons 2 Turkeys killed.

Saturday Dec. 25, 1819
Weather cold.
At home. Went to Mr. Chesley's Tavern in P.M. to shoot a goose. Did not kill her.
Went to Northwood at 8 P.M. At Mr. Clarks by 1/2 past 9 Tarried all night.

Sunday Dec. 26, 1819
Weather cold. Attended meeting at Northwood. Mr. Prentice preached from Rev. 5.5
At Mr. K's noon. Supper at Mr. Clarke's.
# at meeting. Called at Mr. M's evening. Stopped while 1/4 p 8. Saw dear # but had no opportunity of conversing with her. Went to Mr. Clarke's, took my pony and arrived at Epsom 1/2 p 10.

Monday Dec. 27, 1819
At home all day. Court day at Mr. Steele's office.
Had considerable company and very disagreeable and unpleasant they were.

Tuesday Dec. 28, 1819
At home - weather cold.
Went to General McClary's in evening with David Steele. Tarried while 10 p.m. and eat some of Mary's pie and drank 2 gallons wine.
General had been to Concord.

Wednesday Dec. 29, 1819
Weather cold - at home.
Dr. C took tea at General McClary's. A violent dispute between Mr. Curtis and Capt. Heath in store in the evening. Mr. Curtis accused Capt. Heath of reporting he would be the best customer at his own tavern and he Capt. Heath said it was false.
Mr. Curtis said that Capt. H told him in this store before the last annual meeting that he (Capt. Heath) intended to go to the general Court. Capt. Heath told Curtis that he was a liar. Mr. Curtis said that he had as many cents as Capt. Heath had dollars. Capt. Heath said that Curtis might live to see the time that he would want them - and thus the matter ended for the Capt. went out and doubtably both thought they were injured.

O # may thy dreams be pleasant and thy waking moments be even happier.
10 P.M.
# was at Judge H's (?) this evening.

Thursday Dec. 30, 1819
At home - my sister came to Epsom from Pittsfield with Mr. Jenness. Dined at Mrs. M's and Mr. Jenness returned to Pittsfield. Hannah tarried at Mrs. M's all night.

Friday Dec. 31, 1819
At home - stormy and cold - 6 inches snow fell.
At Mr. Merrill's in evening with Dr. Crosby, Hannah there.
Sarah Johnston came to Northwood with Dr. Crosby.

Saturday Jan. 1, 1820
At home all day. Weather cold.

Sabbath Jan. 2, 1820
Weather cold.
Went to Northwood with Dr. C, he came back at noon.
I attended meeting all day. Mr. Prentice preached from Eccles 2.11
# at meeting P.M.
Saw Sarah M. Johnston at Mr. Clarke's and saw # at Mr. K's in the evening - and Martha walked home with them and then to Epsom.

Dr. Chadwick and Dr. Burleigh tarried at Mr. M's all night.

Rev. Jonathan Broadhead preached at Epsom meeting house this day. Mr. Curtis in school house. Singing school began at Northwood last Wednesday evening - at Narrows to be there and at the school House near the Meeting House alternately.

Monday Jan. 3, 1819
At home, weather cold. Some company in Store.
I wrote receipts for Capt. Josiah Sanborn and John Rand as settlement between them.
Mr. Kelley had a son born this morning.

Tuesday Jan. 4, 1820
Moderate. At home all day. Jury Meeting in P.M. S.??orJ? A. Heath, John Chesley and Joseph Lawrence chosen.
In the evening Capt. Sanborn called at the store and told me that I dated a receipt wrong which I wrote for him last evening. On examining it I found that Sanborns receipt signed by John Rand was dated 4th with it instead of the 3rd, the day on which it was written and signed.
I called at Capt. Heaths with Capt. S this evening who (Capt. H) was present when Rand signed the receipt. Capt. Heath said he saw Rand sign it and that it was at my store the 3rd day of January instant.
James Babb
The reason of making this memo is that Rand gave Sanborn a note for 10$ on settlement the day of their passing receipts - and Capt. S does not know, but Rand may dispute the payment of it on account of the date of the receipt.

James Babb

I think Greenleaf Brackett and Perkins Philbrick were present when the above receipts were signed.

Wednesday Jan. 5, 1820
At home all day. Weather cold.
Spent part of the evening at Mr. Steele's, Mary, Elisa, Harriet Ann and Jonathan McClary, Abigail Dearborn, Aunt Harriet and Sarah, Dr. C and the writer made up the company.

Thursday Jan. 6, 1820
At home all day.
Weather cold.
At Mr. Merrill's part of the evening.

Friday Jany 7, 1820
Weather cold. Probate court at Capt. Heaths this morning. At 3 O'clock Mr. M. T. Caswell of Northwood had his house, barn and joiners shop consumed by fire. Damage estimated at $1000.
Went to Northwood in P.M. with Dr. Crosby Mr. Steele and wife. Took tea at Mr. Clarke's and at Epsom by 11.
Called at Mr. M's in evening. Saw #
Mr. Smith, the school master boarding there.
# was cheerful and pleasant
Mrs. Dearborn and Mrs. Davis (her daughter) of Concord dined at Mrs. McClary's this day.
Our party had a pleasant time at Mr. Clarke's, but by far the most agreeable to me was the time passed in presence of my dearest friend.

Saturday Jan. 8, 1820
Weather moderate. At home all day.

Sunday Jan. 9, 1820
Weather pleasant.
Mr. Courser preached at Epsom. At meeting in P.M. Text 2 Corinthians 5.17
Called at Benjamin Moody and at Mrs. Sanborns in evening. When at Northwood Friday last enclosed $100 to Y. Rollins to be sent by Mr. Hill and an order for Hhd Rum and chest tea.

Monday Jan. 10, 1820
Weather moderate. At home. Gave $1 to William T. Caswell
Took tea at General McClary's

Tuesday Jan. 11, 1820
Snow A.M. At home.
Wrote James Means & Co. Barton for 1 bbl Bdy in mail.
This day have arrived at the age of 26 years. May the time to come be improved to better purpose than time past.

Wednesday 12 January 1820
At home. Dr. Crosby went to Gilmanton. Hannah went with him. Dr. Crosby's sister to be married this evening to Dr. Burley.
Weather cold.

Thursday Jan. 13, 1820
Very cold. At home.
Dr. Crosby returned at 8 - his brother Alpheus came with him.
Received Hhd Rum and Chest tea by John Durrell and sent Abner Hill 12/

Daniel Locke called evening and said he had had his colt stolen this evening.
Sent a packet to Mr. Kelly by Durrell containing a letter for # and one for Matilda Prentice.

Friday Jan. 14, 1820
At home all day. Mr. Curtis and wife and Mr. Merrill and wife took tea at Mrs M's.

Saturday Jan. 15, 1820
Had considerable company in store. Mr. Jonathan McClary and Sister took tea at Widows.
At home all day and tarried in store all day until 91/2 P.M.

Sunday Jan. 16, 1820
Walked to Northwood. Arrived at D. Smith's 1/4 p 12 Midnight. Attended Meeting P.M.
Mr. Prentice preached from Romans 8.7. Took supper at Mr. Clarke's. Called at Sammy's. Saw Catherine L. Hill there.
Called at Mr. K's, saw his little son, then returned to Mr. C's and from there to Mr. Meadss. Saw #, has had the toothache for 3 days. Tarried a few moments only and walked to Mr. Clarke's with Sarah and Mr. C. Benjamin came to the gate with me with slave(?)
Heard that Mr. Jonathan B. Busel was to be married this day.

Monday Jan. 17, 1820
Storm of snow commenced at 3 A.M. and continued through the day. Very slow at store all day.
Mr. Steele and wife went to Portsmouth.
Mr. Clarke and Mr. K. of Northwood likewise.
Mr. A. Berry of Kingston, Methodist, preached in Epsom Meeting House yesterday.
I was at home from Northwood last evening by 1/4 p 10 P.M.

Tuesday Jan. 18, 1820
The storm has abated and it has cleared off. Cold.
Roads blocked up very much, expect very little company today.
# is 20 years of age this day. May many happy days remain in store for her.
Received 60 Drs of Mrs. S which I am to return or pay 11 per Ct yr Int out of store. I gave my note for the same.
Had some company in evening - not very pleasant.

How short and fleeting has been the past year - may the present be improved to a more useful purpose. May I, by an honest course succeed in my endeavors to acquire property, so that I may be enabled to appear in the eyes of some folks worthy to possess the heart and hand of another who is dearer to me than life itself.

O # dearest best beloved. If I can but secure thy friendship for life happy shall I consider myself.

Wednesday Jan. 19, 1820
At home - little company.

Thursday Jan. 20, 1820
At home all day, had some company.
Nathan Crosby tarried all night at Mrs. McClarys
Bought 10 GN of wine of Thomas D. Merrill and paid him 11.75 cash for it.

Friday 21
Pleasant. At home. Received a letter from Means - did not send the brandy. Wrote to him and enclosed 50$ and sent it to Exeter P.O. to be mailed by Nathan Crosby.
Nathan and Alpheus went to Exeter this day.
Dr. Smith of Northwood called this evening, sold him 2 bushels wheat.
Thought of Dear #- wished I had had a letter written to send by Dr.

Saturday 22
At home.

Sunday 23
At home. Sick all day, did not eat anything and drank only 2 cups tea at night.

Monday 24
At home. Nothing interesting occurred.

Tuesday 25
At home. Mr. Steele and wife returned home from Portsmouth. Called in evening with Dr. Crosby.

Wednesday 26 Jany 1820
Pleasant sun, cool air.
Mr. and Mrs. C and Miss S. at Mr. Steele's in P.M. Took tea at Mr. Steele's.
Learned that # goes to New Market this P.M. with her father.
Wrote to Mr. K and sent by Mr. C.

Thursday Jany. 27
Cool air. Pleasant sun.
At home until evening, then rode to General McClary's with Dr. Crosby. Tarried till 1/4 p 10 P.M.
Played 3 games which Eliza McClary and Alpheus were then.
Walked home with David Steele. Made an arrangement to visit at Northwood Friday next. Eliza refused to go and says Ann will not go - Harriet will.

Friday Jany 28, 1820
Overcast A.M.
Received $1.75 of Abraham W. Marden for Yeaton and Twombly's bill for freight against him and receipted the bill.
At home all day.

Saturday Jany 29
At home all day and snowy all day.
Mr. Mead of Northwood called at store, was quite sociable, invited on me to call and wished to know if I intended going to Northwood soon.
Went to Northwood in evening. At Mr. Clarke's 1/4p 10 P.M. tarried all night. Had Daniel Locke's pony. Learned that # was at present at G.F. Esq.'s, Durham.

Sunday Jan. 30, 1820
Chilly. Mr. Curtis preached at Northwood at meeting P.M.
Text Isaiah 53.1
Called in evening at Mr. K's. Received from Mr. K 2 Hdkfs and a copy of the lines I before had of # valued gift which I have life dear friend and sister of my soul will I preserve it.

Called at Mr. Mead's, found them all well, and the old folks were sociable and pleasant.
Set off for Epsom from Mr. K's at 9, at home by 11 P.M., set up while and to bed.
Lent Mr. Clarke $54 at Northwood.
Mr. Ruter preached in Epsom Meeting House.

Monday Jany 31
Chilly. At home
At General McClary's in evening while 10 P.M. Played whist.

Tuesday Feby 1, 1820
Weather severely cold and blustering.
At 3 P.M. set out for Northwood in company with Messrs Jonathan McClary, Jonathan Crosby and David Steele - Misses Mary, Harriet and Ann McClary and Abigail Dearborn. At Mr. Clarke's 1/4 4 P.M., half frozen. Had a pleasant party. Martha and Elizabeth Mead and L.H.M. and Mrs. Smith were present. Harriet and Nabby accompanied Misses Mead's home 1/2p 10 tho' rest of company tarried at Mr. Clarke's all night excepting Myself who slept with L.H. M being the second time in my life that I had tarried at Mr. Mead's, slept in # chamber slept went to bed at 12 and to sleep about 2 - waked up about 5. Eat a quart of porridge before I went. My thoughts were with her who is far away and could not sleep.

Wednesday Feby 2, 1820
Took breakfast at Mr. Clarke's and set off for Epsom and arrived safe and sound about noon. Sarah Steele rode with Dr. Crosby. Dined at Mr. Steele's
Mr. Badger attended store while I was gone.
Called at Mr. Steele's in evening at 9 and tarried 1/2 hour. It was cold and stormy all day.
___ called at store in P.M.
Mr. J. Clark had a son born.

Thursday Feby 3
Cold, Snow in evening. At home, but little company. Dined at Mr. Steele's.
Messrs J + D Steele and John McClary, Misses Mary McClary, Abigail D. Johnston and Mrs. S. took tea at Widows. Sarah tarried at Mr. Steele's all night.

Friday Feby 4, 1820
Cold and windy. Mail went up 7 P.M., delayed by the badness of the traveling.
Went to General McClary's in evening 1/2p &
Widows girls and Mr. Steele's and Mrs. S. and Dr. Crosby there.
At home by 9

Saturday Feby 5
At home all day. Summoned by Lt. Durell to attend a reference at John Furber Jr.'s on Saturday next at 10 O'clock A.M.
Col. Jonathan went to Northwood with Sarah S. this P.M.
My particular D. Steele told Dr. Crosby that I was so so Nov. 16, 1819. He is a liar and a fool.

Sabbath Feby 6, 1820
At meeting. Mr. Curtis preached.
Text A.M. Matthew 24 - 4 + 5
Text P.M. Luke 18 -m 10-14
Meeting held in the meeting House.
Attended conference in evening at School House. Dea. Sanborn prayed and Mr. Curtis read from Doddridge's Rise and Progress and closed with a prayer.

Monday Feby 7, 1820
At home. 4 or 5 inches snow. Weather moderate.
D. Philbrick and Hanover Dickey and Benjamin Wiggin chosen jurors to S. Court.

Tuesday Feby 8, 1820
Weather Moderate - at home.
Senatorial Meeting at Concord. Isaac Hill nominated for the Republican Candidate No. 4
General McClary and Capt. Lang delegates from Epsom.
J. Steele bet a bottle of wine that Moody would live a year from this day. Capt. Heath bet against him.

Wednesday Feby 9~
Cold, some snow.
Court at Cilley's between Lord and Burnham, the latter fined 3$and costs - trial before Judge Burgin and Justices McClary, Butler, Sanborn and Eastman. I went to Cilley's in P.M. and tarried an hour.
Thursday Feby 10, 1820
At home all day.
Received Brandy last evening by Brackett. Sent 51 Shook? and 1 Rum Whd to Rollins by him.
Our folks invited at Capt. Grays. At home by 1/2p 12. I did not go.

Friday Feby 11
At home, pleasant.

Saturday Feby 12
Pleasant. Went to Josiah? Furbers to attend Reference - Caswell v Duda
Mrs. S. and Sarah went to Northwood with me.
No trial, continued until Saturday preceding 1st Wednesday in June.
Returned to Mr. Clareks at 3 P.M.
Took tea at Mr. M's., as did Aunt H., Mr. K and wife.
# went to NewMarket this day with Margaret M and Jonathan P. Millan
Had 7 Gallons Sperm Oil of Mr. C. @ 6/6
Tarried all night at Mr. Clarke's all night and slept with him.

Sunday Feby 13
Attended meeting at Northwood. Mr. Prentice.
Text all day Romans 3-28
William Rollins and Martha Hale at Meeting in P.M. and dined at Mr. M's.
Arrived at Epsom 7 P.M.
Reverend M. Ruter preached at Epsom.

Monday Feby 14
At home all day.
Weather moderate. Mr. Page of Deerfield buried. Dr. Crosby, Mrs. M and Harriet attended funeral.

Tuesday Feby 15
Weather moderate.
Mr. Underwood brought me a pair of boots @ 24/
Mr. L.H.M. and Smith, Misses M.W.M and E.F.M. from Northwood visited at Mrs. McClarys.
Dined and took tea.
Col. Mary and D. Steele took tea
Northwood party set out for home at 6 P.M.
Called in evening at Mr. Merrill's, Mr. Steele's and Mr. Curtis.

Wednesday Feb. 15, 1820
Pleasant and warm. At home.
Business dull. Received a letter from Dr. Carr.

Thursday 17 Feby
Rainy and warm. At home.
Moses P. Gray and sister visited at Widows.

Friday 18 Feby
Weather moderate.
At store all day. Party at Mrs. Sanborns, invited but did not attend.

Saturday 19
Cool air. At home all day. Little company.

Sabbath Feby 20, 1820
Mr. Wells preached at Epsom. I attended meeting in P.M.
Remaining part of the day read Tales of my Landlord.
5 inches of snow fell.
Went to bed 11 P.M. and thought of a friend.

Monday Feb. 21, 1820
Chilly air - at home.
Little business going on. Took tea at Capt. Heaths as did Dr. C, Widow, Reverend Mr. B?, Mr. Merrill and ladies.

Tuesday Feby 22, 1820
At home all day.

Wednesday Feby 23, 1820
Warm for the season.
At home all day. Dr. Crosby of Gilmanton and his daughter Grace came to Epsom. Tarried all night.

Thursday 24 Feby
Dr. C and Daughter returned to Gilmanton.
Had Turkey for dinner - D. Lanchester of L called at store. Understand he is published to Miss Martha Leighton of Durham.
Paid Ephraim Lock $1,75 for money received of A.W. Marden on Twombley and Yeatons acct.
Called at Mr. Steele's in evening.
To bed 1/4 p 11 P.M.

Friday Feby 25, 1820
Moderate and overcast. At home.
Dr. Crosby rode from Widows to General McClarys with Mary.
B____y had a prodigious great flea in her ear. I guess if one end is in pain the other is easy.

Spent the evening at General McClarys with Dr. Crosby and Alpheus.

Saturday 26 Feby
Moderate. Rainy. At home
In evening walked to Northwood at Mr. K's by 9. Tarried all night.

Sunday Feby 27, 1820
At meeting at Northwood Mr. Prentice preached from 1 Kings 8.46 all day.
Breakfast and supper at Mr. Clarke's.
Called at Mr. Mead's and Mr. K's.
M.W.M. (Martha Mead) there, Stopt an hour.
Evening cleared off pleasant. At Mr. M's 10 P.M.

Dr. M.F. and Mr. Broadhead preached at Epsom.
# at Newmarket.
L.H.M. (Levi Hilton Mead) at Portsmouth went last evening.
Mr. Clarke at Portsmouth.

Monday Feby 28, 1820
Pleasant. At home.
Borrowed 20$ of General McClary.
Mr. Moody is said to be dying.
Died at Epsom, Benjamin Moody Esq. Aet 42 intemperance.
N. Johnston and wife came to Northwood from Hh (Henniker or Hopkinton)

Tuesday 29 Feby
Went to Portsmouth, arrived at Wild's 1/2 p 6 P.M.
Called at Mr. K's. Mr. M's and Mr. Clarke's
Carried a letter for Martha from Miss Dearborn.
Received 30 $ from Mr. Clarke
Oil 7.58
Jury Fees 7. 59 45.17

Wednesday March 1, 1820
In Portsmouth until 4 P.M.
Bought a Hal of Wine 8$
Dined at S. Rollins
Took tea J. M. Esq.'s Newmarket
Saw #. Tarried 1 1/2 hours. Wanted to stay longer but could not.
Arrived at Jonathan Furbers 1/2p 11 and tarried all night.

Thursday March 2
At Mr. Clarke's by 8 A.M. took breakfast and tarried until nearly 12 O'clock.
Called at Mr. M's, Mr. K's and Mr. Pipers. Arrived at Epsom 4 P.M.
N. Johnston and Lady Edward and George set off for Hh at 1/2 past 10 A.M.
Went to General McClary's in evening with Dr. Crosby. Stopt at Mrs. Moody's.

Friday March 3
At home all day. Had but little company.
Dr. Crosby went to Northwood with Mary McClary.
Set up while 12 and wrote M.F.M. dated 6th inst

Saturday March 4
Slight snow A.M. Weather moderate.
At home. Had but little company.
Thought of my friend. O that I were near that friend that is dear ever dear to my heart.

Sunday March 5, 1820
Weather moderate.
Attended meeting all day. Mr. Curtis preached from Rev. 22.11
Rode to David Sherburne's in morning and to Mr. Langmaid's in evening - Hannah there.
Rain in evening.
L. H. Mead of Northwood and Catherine Berry of Pittsfield were published this day.

Monday March 6, 1820
At home all day, weather chilly.
In evening wrote to # and M.F.M to go per Mail tomorrow.
At a caucus this evening at the house of Capt. Heath. It was voted to support Jos. Sanborn for Moderator, T.D. Merrill for Town Clerk.
T. D. Merrill )
Bickford Lang ) Selectmen
John Cate )
Simon A. Heath Representative.

At a caucus at Daniel Cilley's it was agreed to support
Michael McClary, Moderator
Hanover Dickey, Representative
Jonathan ? McClary, Town Clerk
Hanover Dickey )
Richard Tripp ) Selectmen
John Batchelder )

Tuesday March 7, 1820
At home all day. Nothing particular occurred.

Wednesday March 8, 1820
At home all day. Had considerable company.
Court at Capt. Heaths between Messrs Lord and Ladd. Lord recovered 5.$ & cost amt between 15 + 16 $
Steele for Plaintiff Stevens for Deft for defamation.
# returned to Northwood with her Grandfather.
Mr. Jonathan Campbell arrived Epsom at noon.

Thursday March 9, 1820
At home - little business. Caucus at Yeatons.

Friday March 10, 1820
At home all day.
Mr. Clarke, Sarah S, and Mary came to Epsom from Northwood and took tea at Generals. Had an invitation but did not attend.
Mr. M. went to Northwood with W.G.
L.H.M. was at this store. First heard of his publishment ---
Hannah went to Aunt Babbs.

Saturday March 11, 1820
At home all day. Went to Northwood in evening. Had Francis Locke's pony and stay at Mr. Clarke's by 10 P.M.
Caucus at Chesley's.

Sabbath March 12, 1820
Took breakfast at Mr. Clarke's, attended meeting. Mr. Prentice preached from Jeremiah 10-25. Edward Thomas and William Berry and widow (?) were at Northwood at Meeting.
# attended meeting all day.
Called at Mr. K's in evening, in evening at Mr. Mead's. Saw # , still lovely and interesting. Had a very agreeable time for one hour - wanted to stay longer but Mr. Mead was anxious to get home.
At Epsom by 11 P.M.
Mr. M's family appeared more friendly then they have done.
O # can I but secure they dear self - what can I wish for more except for the smiles of fortune to support you as I could wish. Kind providence grant me this and I ask no more but to live happily with the chosen friend of my heart.

Monday March 13, 1820
At home all day, had but little company. Rainy in evening.

Tuesday March 14, 1820
Weather moderate.
Annual meeting.
General McClary Moderator
Jonathan McClary Town Clerk
Hanover Dickey Representative

John Batchelder )
Richard Tripp ) Selectmen
Hanover Dickey )

Average majority 65. Meeting adjourned until tomorrow 12 M
Had some company.

Wednesday March 15
Weather moderate.
Town meeting finished. I happened to be chosen sealer of weights and measures.

Mr. Kelly called on me this day - # is at his house this evening.
O that I could be there also.
Mr. C and Sarah S. tarried at Generals this night on their way to Hillsboro,
11 P.M.

Thursday March 16, 1820
At home. Hannah called at Widows.
Mr. Clarke called this morning and Sarah S.
General and wife and Mr. S. Hady visit at our house this afternoon.
Expect L.H. Mead will be married soon.

Friday March 17
At home all day. Hannah tarried all night at Widows.

Saturday March 18, 1820
Went to Sanbornton with Hannah, via Gilmanton. Arrived at Dr. Carr's 8 P.M.
Weather pleasant.

Sunday March 19, 1820
Returned to Epsom via Canterbury. Paid my mother 8$ in cash, some that I had of Nealey.
Arrived at Epsom 1/2p 7. Went to Aunt Harriet's after I returned.

Monday March 20, 1820
Rainy. At home all day.
Called at McCrillis in evening. Mr. Clark of Northwood called at store, lent him 61$

Tuesday March 21, 1820
At home, weather moderate, had but little company.

Wednesday March 22, 1820
Chilly air.
Died in Epsom this morning Mr. Edward Lawrence Aet 30 of Bilious Fever. One week since he attended the town meeting. To all appearances in perfect health ~ man giveth up the ghost and where is he?

Mr. Moody's personal estate appraised at $577.47. T.D. Merrill, J. Sanborn and S.A. Heath appraisers.

Thursday March 23, 1820
Mr. Lawrence buried.
At home all day.
General McClary bought Mrs. Moody house and gave $300.
Mrs. Moody moved to her brothers in Gilmanton.

Friday March 24, 1820
Weather very pleasant. Dr. C and Alpheus went to Gilmanton.
Saw the first Robins for the season. Blue birds also made their appearance and the flies were also out. Spent part of the evening at General McClary's - Eliza, Harriet and Ann spent the P.M. there.

Saturday March 25, 1820
Heard a Lark singing this morning. Continues very pleasant.
At home until evening, then went to Northwood. Had Mr. Steele's pony. Arrived at Mr. C's 1/4 p 10 P.M.
Mr. Clarke went to Hillsboro via Epsom, lent him 15$. Mr. Seavey received his note and promises to pay it in June next.

Sabbath March 26, 1820
Attended meeting at Northwood all day. # did likewise. Went to Mr. K's at noon. Mr. Prentice preached.
Text A.M. John 21-16
P.M. Matthew 13.13

Took supper at Mr. C's at Mr. M's in evening, tarried while 1/2 p 10.
Saw her who is ever dear to my heart, had an agreeable and pleasant time.
At Mrs. M's by 1 at night - extremely bad traveling.

Elder Knowlton preached in Epsom Meeting House.
L.H. Mead and Catherine Berry were married at Gilmanton on Tuesday last (21) by Rev. Luke A. Spofford.

Monday March 27, 1820
Rainy, at home all day.

Tuesday March 28, 1820
Weather pleasant, at home all day.

Wednesday March 29, 1820
Chilly air and windy. At home all day. Read Knickerbockers History of New York.
Windy in evening and the promise of a cold night.

Thursday March 30, 1820
At home.
Mr . and Mrs. M settled and Mrs. gave $25

Friday March 31
At home all day.

April 1, 1820
At home all day

Sabbath April 2, 1820
Weather chilly. Mr. Carpenter preached at Meeting in the A.M.
Text Joshua 7 - 19
At General McClary's in evening - eat some Hasty pudding and milk.

Monday April 3, 1820
At home all day

Tuesday Apl 4, 1820
At home all day. Sent 100$ to S. Rollins by Smart ~ amt 28
Died in Epsom Mrs. Burell (Buzzel) - consumption

Wednesday Apl 5, 1820
At home.
Died Mrs. Sanders - consumption

Thursday April 6, 1820
Annual __ - at meeting.
Mr. Curtis preached. Text A.M. Esther 3.19
do P.M. do 4.16

Went to Northwood in evening. Saw # at Mr. K's. Had very pleasant time and walked home with her.
At Epsom by 3/4 past 11- P.M.

Friday Apl. 7, 1820
At home in A.M.
P.M. attended Mrs. Sanders funeral. Mr. Curtis officiated and delivered a discourse from St. John 14.19. I assisted as one of the carriers.

Saturday April 8, 1820
At home all day. Weather chilly.

Sabbath April 9, 1820
Weather chilly. Attended meeting at School House in P.M.
Mr. Jones preached from Psalm 73.18.
At conference in evening.
Mr. Knowlton preached in Meeting house.

Monday April 10, 1820
At home all day.
The McClary's got d __k as did the C.

Tuesday Apl 11, 1820
At home. Had little company.
Received a note from Mr. C. states that Fuller Symonds of Hh came last evening to live with him.
Took tea at General McClarys with Dr. Crosby.
General sold an Oak Tree for 10$
Dreamed of #

Wednesday Apl 12
Dreamed of #
Went to Mr. Steele's in evening
Mail went up

Thursday Apl 13, 1820
Chilly. At home all day. Had little company.

Friday Apl. 14
Messrs Woodman and Gove (who have hired Cilley's store and pay 75$ rent) moved their goods into it - understood they purchased their goods of Jonathan Smith of Exeter. Neither of them have been in business before. [___(?) for the first time ___(?).]

Called at Capt. Grays.

Saturday Apr. 15
Pleasant. Wrote a lease for Mrs. Libbey of her farm and mill to John Dyer for one year. Dyer takes it to the halves.
Mr. John Chesley & Samuel Blake appraised the property & I took dinner there. In evening went to Northwood, had Mr. Lord's pony. At Mr. Clarke's by 11 P.M.

Sunday Apl 16, 1820
Attended Meeting all day. # did - at Mr. K's noon, Mr. Prentice preached Text Luke 15:10
Spent the evening at Mr. M's, old folks tolerably sociable. Had the pleasure of seeing # for one moment.
At Epsom by 11 P.M.

Monday Apl 17, 1820
At home all day.
Court at Mr. S's office & reference at Capt. Heaths.
Had but little company.

Tuesday Apl 18, 1820
L.H.M. & # went to Pittsfield & his wife of the forenoon. Returned with them.
First meeting of the Reading Society at J. Steele's Office - Capt. Samuel Ames Heath., Mr. Thomas D. Merrill. - M.P.G., S.B., S.C. & Wm Green.
Took tea at Mr. Steele's.
Strange things happen in this world.

Wednesday Apr. 19, 1820
Weather pleasant, at home all day, nothing new occurred.

Thursday, Apl 20, 1820
Pleasant and warm. Went to Portsmouth. Eliza McClary went to Northwood with me & Mr. Clarke from Northwood to Portsmouth. At Wilds by 8 P.M. Dined at Mr. Clarke's.

Friday Apl 21, 1820
Bought a 3 hd of N.E. Rum of Mr. Ch's Cushing, paid 51. Shook @ 40 & 30 28ft Board @ 8$
Settled with Mr. Rollins & bought a few other articles. Arrived at Mr. Clarke's at 1/4 p 10 P.M.
Rainy 2/3 of the day.

Saturday Apl. 22, 1820
Arrived at Epsom in P.M. Had E. Locks wagon & Batchelder's pony. Called at Mr. K's & wanted to call at Mr. Mead's but concluded better not.

Sunday Apl 23, 1820
Pleasant. Mr. Curtis preached in School House. Mr. Knowlton ditto in Meeting House.
Attended meeting a School house in P.M. Text Gen 4-7. So many people that I could not get a seat.
L.H. M & wife went to Pittsfield this day.
M.W.M. 16 yrs old this day (Martha W. Mead)
M.A.M. 11 yrs old this day (Mary Ann Mead)
Called at Mr. Steels in evening. Rainy. To bed 1/2 p 9

Monday 24 April 1820
Overcast, up at 1/2 p 5 A.M., very little company in the A.M.
P.M. Went to Carpenters Deerfield to meeting of Officers of 18th Regt. At home by sunset.

Tuesday 25 April
At home - little company. Wrote to # by James Hill. Weather pleasant.

Wednesday April 26
People in this town sowed wheat 2 weeks since weather chilly - dull times.
Went fishing in P.M., called at Steele's in evening.

Thursday 27
At home all day, expected to have seen # today - disappointed
O # dearest friend may have that pleasure soon.

Friday April 28, 1820
Overcast and chilly
Eliza returned from Northwood . # & L.F.M. (Louisa F. Mead) came with her - in A.M.
Tarried at Mr. M's while after tea then returned to Northwood. Dr. Crosby & myself went with them to Northwood, at Mr. M's by 20 M p 8. # rode with me, had a very pleasant ride.
Mr. Steele's chaise & pony.
Returned to Epsom by 11 P.M.

Saturday April 29, 1820
Weather chilly, at home, had but little company.

Sabbath April 30
Pleasant. At meeting at Epsom, Mr. Curtis preached.
Text A.M. 2 Corinth 6-2
P.M. Hebrews 2-3
At conference in evening.

Monday May 1, 1820
Severe front last night. Annual Meeting of the Congregational Society in Epsom.
Weather cool.
Agreed to build a new meeting House according to plan submitted - agreed to divide into 100 shares of 20$ each.

May 2
At home all day

May 3
At home all day

May 4
At home - Eliza & Mr. Sanborn went to North Hampton.
Received 20$ of Mr. Sanborn to pay prs Ctz gave not.

Friday 5
Probate Court at Capt. heaths.
At home, little company

Saturday May 6, 1820
At home A.M., went to Gove & Woodman's in P.M.
Evening to Northwood with Mr. Morrison, found # at Mr. K's & had the pleasure of attending her home - tarried at Mr. C's as did Judy Darling of Henniker. Carried a daisy to Northwood for # from Ann.

Sabbath May 7, 1820
Attended meeting at Northwood, Mr. Prentice Text Ezekiel 22:14. Sabbath school commenced at Northwood, 42 scholars. Mr. P & wife, Mr. K & # attended as instructors.
Took supper at Mr. C's, called at M's & had the good fortune to spend two delightful hours with #, never can they be forgotten - set out from Northwood between 10 & 11 and at Epsom 1- walked & tired enough.
Mr. Lord preached at Epsom.

Monday 8th May
At home, nothing new. Engaged in reading Don Quixote.

Tuesday May 9
At home, Dr. C went to Gilmanton, wrote to Mr. C & sent 3 Rutabagas.

Wednesday May 10, 1820
Mr. Kelly called on his journey to Warner - all well at Northwood.
At home. Dr. Crosby returned from Gilmanton.

Thursday May 11, 1820
At home, weather dry & chilly.
Dr. Crosby gone to Gilmanton & returned same evening.

Friday May 12.
Rainy A.M.
P.M. went fishing with Charley Steele & Locke to Suncook pond. Caught an abundant quantity of Pouts, Perch & Pickerel.
At home 1/2 p 9.
Thought of # & to bed without my supper.
James Sherburne died at Northwood this morning.

Saturday May 13, 1820
A.M. overcast
P.M. rain & hail - at home.
Expected Mr. Kelly but he did not call. Alfred Smith called at store.

Sabbath May 14, 1820
Attended meeting at Epsom, Mr. Curtis preached.
Text A.M. Luke 17:10
P.M. Corinths 6-9 & 10
Dined at Mr. Steele's, took tea at General McClarys with Mr. Steele and wife.
Weather pleasant.

Monday May 15, 1820
At home all day. Sent a letter to # send by Mr. Edgerly.
Sent Mr. Plummer's speech to Mr. K & Wheat to Capt. Clark.
Wrote to S. Rollins & enclosed 9// forwarded by Capt. Sanborn.
Weather pleasant.
Harriet & Ann visited Aunt Babb's.

Tuesday May 16, 1820
At home, nothing new happened.

Wednesday May 17, 1820
At home, rainy.

Thursday May 18, 1820
At home, rainy.

Friday May 19, 1820
At home, rainy all night.

Saturday May 20
Very little company, rain in abundance. Fear I shall not be able to go to Northwood this evening.
Reference at Capt. Heath's between Batchelder Heiress Moody Kent & J. Steele (Counsel)

Sabbath May 21, 1820
Rode Generals pony to Northwood, arrived at Mr. Clarks at 1/2 p 8 A.M., attended meeting all day, so did #. Mr. Prentice preached.
Text A.M. Job 12. 7-8
P.M. Psalm
Called in the evening at Mr. Meads with Mr. C. Saw dear #, tarried 1/2 hour. Miss Front there. had no opportunity to converse. Called at Mr. K's, returned to Mr. Clarke's & tarried all night.

Monday May 22, 1820
Set off for Epsom at 5,a t home by 1/2 p 6. Met Hilton. Miss Front commenced school board at Mr. Ms.
At home all day, little company. Wrote to Dr. Carr, Jas Prescott & wife of Hampton Falls called.

Tuesday May 23, 1820
Pleasant. Mrs. McClary planted her corn. David Steele returned from Peterborough. Mrs. Blake buried this day, died yesterday.
Thomas Butler called on me, had been to Boston.
Ann went to Concord with Catherine Gray, returned in evening. Mr. M bought Mr. C's farm fro Hilton for 1800$ to come into possession in April next.

Wednesday May 24, 1820
Overcast, at home. Lt. Durel paid me 9/ for fees as evidence in his case a Eurs well.

Thursday May 25, 1820
Weather chilly, at home, business dull.

Friday 26
At home, nothing particular happened.

Saturday 24.
At house, read the Antiquary 2 Vol. Little company, weather chilly.

Sabbath 28
Weather pleasant. Attended meeting at Epsom. Mr. Prentice preached Text Isaiah 59-19
In evening walked as far as Mr. M's, called Mr. K's, hoped to have seen # but disappointed. How uncertain are the enjoyments of this world - how delusive and visionary are all its pleasures.
At home 12 M. Saw Josys pony in Mr. Jerh J.'s yard when I returned 5 m p 11.

Monday May 29, 1820
Overcast and chilly.
1 year this day since I closed partnership with Mr. Clark. At home all day.
Rain in evening.

Tuesday May 30
At house, severe showers in P.M.
Wrote to # & sent by Leathers.
Society meeting yesterday, voted to locate the meeting house near Capt. Gays.

Wednesday May 31
At home all day, business dull.

Thursday June 1, 1820
At house, A.M. chilly. P.M. pleasant. Took tea at Mr. Steele's in company with General McClary, Dr. Crosby, Mrs. Lord & Mary. Finished Ivanhoe in evening. To bed 12 midnight.

Friday June 2, 1820
A.M. overcast. At home all day.

June 3 (Saturday)
Went to Nottingham to attend Duda & Caswell's reference. Set off at 5 A.M. on Batchelder's pony. Saw # as I passed. Breakfast at Mr. Clarks, returned to Mr. K's by 9 P.M. # there, took tea & accompanied # home, then went to Mr. C's and tarried all night.
Mr. Hoitt came in town from Gilmanton.

Sabbath June 4
Pleasant. Attended meeting at Northwood, Mr. Prentice preached from 2 Cor 5-11. Took supper at Mr. Clarks, called at Mr. Meads and tarried while Mt. Pleasant were the hours & swiftly did they fly.
At Epsom by 3 1/4.
# at meeting in A.M.
P.M. at Mr. K's, communion day.

Monday June 5, 1820
Weather chilly, at home and little company. Wm H. Dickey died at 5 P.M. of a Dropsy. Aet 26 yrs.

Tuesday June 6
Cool. At home A.M. - P.M. attended the funeral of Mr. Dickey - Mr. Prentice preached a sermon from Ruth 1 Chap 20 verse.
Called at Mr. Steele's with Mr. Hoitt and Dr. Crosby, eat cake and drank beer.

Wednesday June 7, 1820
Windy and chilly weather, at house all day. Very little company and dull time.
Bradbury Cilley leaves town tomorrow for R.I. to turn peddler.

Thursday June 8, 1820
Went to Concord with Mr. Steele and at Hutchins's at 10 A.M.
Dr, Crosby went in company with us. Saw Dr. Carr & wife, received a letter from Hannah. Called at Dr. M's and Dr. G's.
Heard a sermon from John 9.29 "God spake unto Moses" by Rev. J.B. Moore of Claremont. Church services introduced. Attended the orations in evening and tarried all night at Hutchins. Weather pleasant.

Friday June 9 1820
A.M. returned from Concord. Dr. Crosby went to Gilmanton. Pleasant.
Had but little company in P.M.

Saturday June 10, 1820
A.M. Weather pleasant, at home. Little company. P.M. rain.
Engaged packing butter most of the day.

Sabbath June 11, 1820
Attended meeting at Epsom. Mr. Wheeler of Candia preached. Text A.M. Ephesians 6-11 - P.M. Luke 12-20. Weather pleasant.
Dr. Merrill and wife of Andover attended meeting.
Took tea at General McClarys with friend Enos Hoitt. Went to bed at 10 P.M., Mr. Lord & wife, 2 children, Col. Jonathan & Nabby D. went to Portsmouth.

Monday June 12, 1820

A.M. Overcast and Hazy.
Set out for Portsmouth at 1/2 p 4 P.M., took tea at Mr. Clarks and arrived at Portsmouth at Midnight. Tired enough, put up Wilds Hotel.

Tuesday 13
In Portsmouth until 1/2 p 6. Rainy by spells until that time. Set out for home, arrived at Mr C's at 3 A.M.

Wednesday 13 (14)
Called to see # on my return home, tarried an hour. # was pleasant & sociable - expect H will take his wife home this day.
At home by 3 P.M.
I fell down alas & turned __(?) my

Thursday June 15, 1820
At home all day, warm & some showers. Mr. Hoitt returned to Gilmanton. Col. Jonathan returned from Portsmouth yesterday. Mr. Kelly & Mr. Piper dined at Mrs. McClarys.

Friday 16
at home, weather pleasant, some company.

Saturday 18, 1820
Warm, at home, Harriet went to Loudon - Mr. Campbell arrived in town.

Sunday 18
Warm. Mr. Broadhead preached at Meeting House, I attended in P.M.
At 5 P.M. Mr. Carpenter preached in the meeting house. I attended. Text Isaiah 1.18
Walked to Reuben Sanborn's with Dr. Crosby, called at Mr. Merrill's, he returned from Boston this morning. Sanborn is sick of a fever.
Harriet returned from Loudon.
The evening is pleasant and I longed to be with her who is dearer than life - but could not.
Ham Stickney came to Northwood with Mr. C.
J.B. Virgin published to Olive Jenness of Northwood.

Monday 19 June
Very warm. 3 hands hoeing for Mrs. McClary.
At home all day.

Tuesday 20 June
At home all day - extremely warm. M.W.M. at home from Newmarket.(Martha Mead)

Wednesday 21 June (1820)
At home. L.H.M. moved his wife to Northwood. (Levi H. Mead)

Thursday June 22
At home, weather warm.

Friday June 23, 1820
At home all day, walked to General McClarys in evening with David Steele

Saturday June 24, 1820
At home until evening, then went to Northwood, had Mr. Steels pony. At Mr. Clarks by 1/2 p 9, tarried all night. Weather moderate. To bed at 11 P.M.

Sabbath June 25 (1820)
At Meeting at Northwood, so was #. Mr. Burnham preached from 12 Cor 5-14 & 15. Dined at Mr. Clarks. Called at Mr. Meads at 6 P.M.
Showers in P.M.
Saw # never more lovely - tarried while (7 PM 26 ret. Epsom by 3.26)
The reservations I experienced this were both painful and pleasant. # concluded that from what her parents say it will be for best to discontinue my visits for one year at least - - when I ask # if I might hope one day to obtain hand, she answered in a way never before received. O happy moment could ye but have lusted ever - when I told # might I lov'd # us I never lov'd another in which __ did not know but what could say the same - O hour of pleasure never will ye be forgotten by me.

Monday June 26, 1820
Cool. Wrote to Wrh & to Abrm Hill
Had but little company - at home all day.

Tuesday June 27
At home. In evening received a letter from Mr. K.

Wednesday June 28
At home. Weather pleasant.

Thursday June 29
Warm. Mr. Clark & Min Stickney died at Mrs. McClary's. I went to Concord with Ann. Set out at 2 and returned at 4 P.M. Had Mr. Merrill's chaise & Brown's pony.

Friday 30 June
Extremely warm. Dr. Proctor of Salisbury tarried at Mrs. McClarys last night. Mr. Hill at work for Dr. Crosby.

Saturday July 1, 1820
Warm. Warm. At home. Mr. Curtis returned home.

Sunday July 2
Warm. Mr. Osborne of Lee preached in Meeting House. Mr. Curtis at Capt. Heaths. I attended at Heaths in A.M. Text Acts 15-3.
Wrote to # in P.M.
Walked to Capt. G's in evening with Dr. and attended conference at School House.

(end this diary)

JAMES BABB DIARY July 3, 1820 - November 21, 1821
From N.H. Historical Societ

Monday July 3, 1820

Warm. Auction at Mr. Merrill's of the personal estate of B. Moody. Mr. K. and Mr. Virgin of Northwood attended. Mr. K purchased books to amount of $11.37 which he paid cash for and I gave my note to Mr. M @ 4 months to be settled when the dividend shall be made and my demand against the estate---
Sent a letter to # by K
Mr. K and V dined at Capt. Heath's~ bought this book of J. Crosby for fifteen cents - he having purchased it at auction
About home all day
M.P.G (Moses Parson Gray) boosy
11 P.M. went to bed.

Tuesday July 4, 1820
Extremely warm. Officers of 18th Regt. met at C.R. Carpenters in Deerfield. I went down about noon in company with Dr. Crosby had his horse & Mr. Curtis chaise - dined - expense x/d too bad - more than 100 persons took dinner - had what most people would call a pleasant time but I think that it was foolishly spent and money wasted.
Received a line with an enclosure from an esteemed friend and wrote to K acknowledging its receipt by Mr. Crockett ~ There was a high go talked of in Epsom ~ but it proved rather scanty not more than ten taking dinner _ at A. W. Mardens. at home ½ p P.M. Called at Aunt Harriet & General McClarys.

Wednesday July 5, 1820
Very warm at home
Vendue of Moody's goods to be continued this P.M. at 1 o'clock ~
Wrote to my brother Thomas.
Took tea at Mr. Curtis with Dr. Crosby - Mrs. Fletcher and Miss Sally Barker of Concord.
Singing meeting at Mrs. M's in evening. 11 P.M.

July 6, 1820
Warm. At home.
Made out P.O. Accounts profits of the Office Quarter ending June 30, 1820 is $4,51
Thought of writing to # this P.M.
Dr. Crosby gone to Mt.. Delights___
Saw on the back of Moody map "Rev. E. Haseltine died Nov. 10, 1813"
" _?_ died Nov. 11, 1813"

July 6
extremely warm in P.M. showers to the westward.
Mrs. Carr and Amelia came here from Sanbornton ~
Tarried at Dr. Mrs_M's all night
I took tea at General McClary's with Dr. Crosby and David Steele

Friday July 7, 1820
Overcast until 11A.M. and very warm
Mr. Carr and Amelia called at Mr. Merrill's in P.M. and will dine at Capt. Heaths today.
Mrs. Carr and A. went to Philip Wallace's to tarry all night. I went to bed ½ p 9 P.M.
Slight shower in P.M.
Harriet sets up with Catherine Gray tonight.

Saturday July 8, 1820
Very warm
Wrote to #
At home -- all day
Capt. Heath bought a Chaise of Mr. Bailey of Amesbury
Took tea at Mr. Steele's
Mr. S. expected something had happened because Dr. & ? had not called oftener of late.
My sisters tarried at Aunt Babby.

Sabbath July 9, 1820
My sisters took dinner at Mrs. M's and tea at Mr. M.'s & I with them & I went to Langmaid's and
Uncle's in evening.
Attended Meeting all day~
Mr. Patrick preached at Epsom.
Text A.M. Psalm 133.1
P.M. Habakuk - 3.2
Samuel Marden taken into the Church in the evening at his house aet 19 years. Lewis Woodman of Epsom and Melinda White of New Boston published
At home by 11 & to bed

Monday July 10, 1820
I have received of Samuel Batchelder for my mother $51.25 and paid to Mrs. Carr $43.42
balance $7.83
Weather continues warm
Yesterday there was considerable thunder and lightning~~
Purpose to go to Uncle Babby this evening ~ ~ ~
Went with Dr. Crosby to Uncles & I took tea with my Sisters & Mrs. Langmaid.
Wrote to K. & # by Samuel Morrill
Meeting of the Liberals at the Lawyers Office
Slight shower of rain & warm
Had Mr. Chesley's chaise

Tuesday July 11, 1820
At home. Warm & pleasant
Had little company.
Dr. Crosby took tea at Deacon Sanborns.
Mr. Prentice and wife at Epsom.
Called at Mr. Mr. Curtis', Mr. McClary & I took tea at Capt. Grays.

Wednesday 12 - 1820
Warm. At home until 6 P.M. then went to the Moody house at the request of General McClary & took tea at Capt. Gray's.
Dr. Crosby, Mr. Chesley, General, David Steele, Col. Jonathan. Mary, Nabby, two Mrs. M's, Mrs. Badger & Mrs. Steele made up the party.
I returned immediately after tea.
Gove and Woodman who have been trading near D. Cilley's three months ( 13 inst) failed this day- had their property all attached and removed from the store & their books assigned to Bradbury Cilley & put into Mr. Steele's office for collection. And they made themselves scarce with a wagon and two horses ~ the demands principally are against people who cannot pay.
They were unacquainted with doing business & have probably purchased at a high rate a severe lesson in the School of experience ~ may they learn wisdom thereby ~

Thursday July 13, 1820
Very warm - at home, nothing interesting to record.
Mr. S. wrote 100 Duns on G.&W's demands
Slight shower of rain accompanied with vivid flashes of lightning and distant thunder.
Made 11-Mugs Punch today - thought of Dearest #
Company retired at 1/2p 9 P.M. excepting M.P.G. who went
The air is sweet this evening & clear ~~ hope soon to hear from Northwood ……..

Friday July 14, 1820
At home - A.M.
Several fine showers of rain today-
P.M. Went to Mr. Clarke's with Dr Crosby at 6 at Mr. Clarke's by 7. Took tea there, called at Mr. Mead's at 9 saw M&E. # abed - hoped to have seen her but disappointed - called at Mr. K's and returned to Epsom then by 12 Midnight. had Mr. C's chaise.

Saturday July 15, 1820
At home all day. Weather pleasant - called in evening at Mr. Curtis and Mr. Merrill's, in daytime at Mr. Steele's. Had an invitation to take tea at Mr. Steele's. Did not go.

Sabbath July 16, 1820
Warm - Mr. Broadhead preached in Meeting house ~
Mr. Curtis at Capt. Heath's. attended at Capt. Heaths in P.M. Text Matthew 12-Chap 43-45 verses
At conference 5 P.M.
At home ½ P 7 to bed 1/2p 9~

Monday July 17, 1820
Pleasant - Mountain party consisting of Col. Jonathan, Mary, Nabby, Harriet, Dr. Crosby & David Steele. Set off 9 A.M. returned 6 P.M. I did not go - but took tea at General McClarys.
Perkins Philbrick Jr.'s child died last night and buried this P.M.
Mr. Knowlton attended the funeral.

Tuesday July 18, 1820
Pleasant. Dr. Crosby dines at Mr. Levi Cass'-- at home ---

Wednesday July 10, 1820
Pleasant A.M.
Smart shower P.M.
Heard that Misses C.C.S., S.M.J. & C.E..P.S - Miss P. Bartlett & Miss Mary Symonds all of Hillsboro were at Northwood on a _(?)
At home all day.

Thursday July 20, 1820
Pleasant - at home all (day) No Company.
Mr. K. called on me in A.M. Wrote by him to #____
Mr. K bought 6 volumes Law Books of M T. Dull & gave @$
Mrs. Curtis visits at Mrs. McClarys this P.M.

Friday July 21, 1820
Mrs. C, Misses B - C.C.J & L.M.J. came to Generals in A.M.
Tarried a few moments & took Mary McClary to Northwood with them & had a large party at Judges. Dr. Crosby spent most of the day at Northwood.
At home by 1/2 p 1 - next morning - Col. Jonathan went down in evening after tea.
I did not have the pleasure of seeing the ladies.
Shower in evening ~ at home all day

Saturday July 22, 1820
Warm & pleasant - the Hillsboro party went home from Northwood today - accompanying Mr. Stickney & Bartlett from Concord who went down yesterday - - -
Dr. met them on the turnpike and rode with them as far as Cilley's. I had hoped they would pass our road, but was mistaken.
_?_ was at the party yesterday.
Have had but little company this past week and the times appear very dark and gloomy. O may a kind providence smile upon us and those who Trust in him we are assured shall never be deceived.

Nathan Crosby and Mr. Hoitt came to Epsom.

At 7 P.M. set out for Northwood. Had Mr. Lawrence's pony and started from his house at 8.
At Mr. K's by 9. # there. tarried 1/2 hour and walked to Mr. Mead's. O moments of happiness so dear to the heart is the consciousness of loving & being loved.
L.H.M. and wife went to Pittsfield this P.M.

Sabbath July 23, 1820
Weather delightful. Took breakfast at Ms? C's and walked to meeting.
Mr. Prentice preached all day from Ecclesiastes 5-1
Walked to Mr. Clarke's at noon. Had the pleasure of walking with a friend from Mr. P's to Mr. K's.
returning to meeting in P.M., found # and attended her to meeting house.
# rode hours at night, with Mr. C., took supper at Mr. Clarke's. Called at Mr. M's 1/4 p 7.
# & M in garden - walked in & was there 1/2 hour then called at the house - then had a most delightful walk so far almost as friends with #.
M. accompanied us to Mr. K's and tarried for us.
We called and Martha and at Mr. M's by 1/2 p 9
Tarried 1 hour and then for Epsom.
The night O how lovely
at home by 1

Monday July 21, 1820
Weather pleasant. Dr. Crosby amputated finger for Mr. Bickford. Mr. Hoitt assisted.
Called up at 5 A.M.
Took tea at Mr. Merrill's and went to Generals in evening ~ was very sorry afterward that I left home at all. I am resolved to keep at home the rest of the week.

Tuesday July 25, 1820
At home all day. Weather pleasant.
Nathan Crosby and Hoitt returned to Gilmanton
Received a line from Mr. C stating that he had been around at B.B. of MS at P. sum $ dxx

Wednesday 26 July 1820
Said to have been the warmest day the present season
At home all day and had but little company

Thursday 27 July 1820
Overcast - attended with slight shower of rain - at home all day
sued S. Seavey - of Concord

copy to S. July 22, 1820 from Milford's Poems

Joy cannot claim a purer bliss,
Nor grief a dew from stain more clear,
Then female friendship's meeting kiss,
Than female friendship's parting tear.
How sweet the hearts full bliss to prove
To her whose smiles must crown this store,
How sweeter still to tell of woes
To her whose faithful breast would share
In every grief, in every care,
Whose sighs can lull them to repose!
Oh blessed sigh! There is no sorrow
But from thy breath can sweetness borrow
Even to the pale or drooping flower
That fades in loves neglected hour,
Ev'n with her woes can friendships power
One happier feeling blend:
'Tis from his restless couch to creep,
And sink like wearied babe to sleep,
On the soft couch her sorrow steep,
The bosom of a friend.
25 July 6 A.M.

Friday July 28, 1820
Moderate and pleasant
At home all day
Evening Capt. Heath fell through stable floor, broke one bone of his right leg and dislocated his left ankle - went with Dr. & assisted in setting it.

Saturday July 29, 1820
Ann returned from Loudon having finished her school.
At home all day.
Pleasant and warm.

Sabbath July 30, 1820
Freewill had no minister. Mr. Curtis exchanged with Mr. Spofford of Gilmanton
he preached at Capt. Heath's in A.M. and at Meeting house in P.M.
Text A.M. Luke 19.10
Text P.M. John 8.56

I attended meeting all day. Went in evening to Mr. K's
Had Mr. Y's pony - had the pleasure of seeing # and walking home with.
Had a very social and agreeable time. # visited at Judges last Tuesday.
saw Sa's pony at Mr. J's (S?) when I returned. (1/4 11 P.M.)
at home by 12 Midnight - had been a meeting for Singing at Johnson's.

Monday July 31, 1820
Very warm
At home. Had but little company.

Tuesday August 1, 1820
Moderate weather. At home
Samuel Marden died of consumption in the 20th year of his age.

Wednesday August 2
Went to Portsmouth. Had W. Brown's pony and Mr. Locke's wagon.
Called at Mr. Clarke's, he had gone to Gilmanton with Mr. K.
Called at Mr. K's . # there and at Mr. Mead's, brought Lavinia _ wagon
Tarried there a few moments ~
Took some mile at Mr. O's and arrived at Wild's at 8 o'clock
Hauled down 16 bushel oats and sold them to E. Smith Durham and to Capt. Richardson.

Thursday Aug. 3, 1820
Tarried in Portsmouth while 1/2 p 4 P.M. then set off for home.
Took tea at Wm. Crockett's - and arrived at Mr. Clarke's 1 at night.
Went to bed and slept until p 7

Friday Aug. 4, 1820
Took breakfast at Mr. C's
Set out for home at 10 A.M.
Called at Mr. Mead's and Mr. K's.
# there
I tarried 2 hours and at Epsom by 2 P.M.

Saturday Aug. 5
At home all day. Weather moderate
Had little company. Showers in P.M.

Sabbath Aug. 6, 1820
Pleasant - communion day
Attended meeting all day. Mr. Curtis preached from
Text A.M. John 19.30
Text P.M. Gal? 2.20
took tea at Mr. Steele's and walked to Generals in evening with Abigail D.
Called at Capt. Heaths.
Mr. Jonathan Steele went to Peterboro last Wednesday and returned this evening with his sister Ann

Monday Aug. 7, 1820
At home - weather pleasant
Mr. S. and Dr. C. gone to Gilmanton. Dr. at home by 12-

Tuesday Aug. 8, 1820
Warm. At home. Little company.
Took tea at General McClary's as did Mr. S. and wife.
Dr. and DJ (?) and sister gave Mrs. H. S. a note for 0$ dated 2nd insts. Have taken $1.50 of Maans(?) Cash
Wrote to the editor of Evening Gazette enclosing 1 2/ and orders to have this paper discontinued

Wednesday Aug. 9, 1820
Extremely warm. At home.
Col. Jonathan McClary commenced taking the Census in Rockingham Co.
Little business going on.

Thursday August 10
Received a letter from Robinson and Lewis
Warm weather. At home all day. Some company in P.M.
Wrote to # dated (8th)
Dr. Weeks took tea at Mrs. McClary's.
Wrote to Thomas
Showers in P.M.

Warm. At home, had but little company.

At home all day. Warm. Dr, Brown of Deerfield took tea at W's.
In evening walked to Northwood. At Mr. Clarke's by 11 P.M. and went to bed

Warm. Attended meeting. Mr. Prentice preached
Text A.M. Romans 10.16
" P.M. 2? Kings 7.3
# at meeting all day
took supper at Mr. Clarke's
Called at Mr. Mead's in evening and walked to Mr. K's with # , tarried 1/2 hour.
Returned to Mr. Mead's and tarried 1/2 p 9, did not go into the house.
Returned to Epsom by 1/2 p 12

Warm. At home all day. # goes to Northwood with Mr. M.
Mr. Steele, Mr. Kelly go to C.C.P at Epsom
Wrote to # and sent by Mr. Knox.

Overcast. At home - no company
Received ea. $ of H.S. and gave N @ C per ctr

Mrs. P., Miss P. & Dolly, Miss Avery of Gd & Miss A.B. of Gilmanton made a morning
call at Mr. Curtis' and called at store. Went home at noon.
Dr was absent - at Deerfield.
Mr. Hoitt came from Gilmanton.

Dr. Crosby went to Hanover. Rain in A.M.
At home all day ~ very little company

Friday Aug. 18, 1820
Moderate weather. At home, little company
Called at Mr. Merrill's in evening. Went to bed at 1/2 p 9

At home. Warm. Received at letter from Dr. Carr by Reuben Sanborn.
Exchanged cows for Mrs. E. McClary with Mr. Lord to give him 9/1-
thought of dear #_______

At home. Mr. Putnam of Portsmouth preached.
Text A.M. Matthew 13.33
P.M. Rev(elation?) 3-20
Mr. Clarke and wife at meeting, dined at Widow's and took tea at Generals. I took tea
with them. Returned. Called at Capt. Heath's and Mr. M's. Pleasant evening
Thought of # &To bed at 10 P.M.

Monday Aug. 21, 1820
Cool weather. At home all day.

Pleasant. At home.


At home. Nothing new.

Went to Portsmouth. Had Mr. Batchelder's horse. Dined at Mr. C's. Called at Mr. K's and Mr.
M's. Took a letter for #.
At Portsmouth 7 P.M.

In Portsmouth 1/2 p 3 P.M. then set off for home, arrived at NewMarket at 6.
Tarried at Mr. M's all night. Saw #, Margaret and Miss Miller - had a pleasant time.
To bed at 10 P.M.

Shower last night. Slept very little. Rose at 1/2 p 3 A.M. and sat down in the sitting room until 6. The first person I saw was #. Dear #. I had the pleasure of conversing 1/2 hour. Took breakfast and then off. At Mr. Clarke's, Northwood by 12.
Attended meeting in P.M.
Mr. Prentice preached from 1st Corinthians 15.31-
Dined at Mr. Clarke's. Called at Mr. Mead's - gave Martha a letter from # and took one from her to
Nabby D. of Epsom. Called at Mr. K's and at Epsom by 10 P.M.
Dr. Crosby returned from Hanover Saturday last.
My brother Thomas 21 years of age this day~

28 Monday
Pleasant. At home.

29 Tuesday
Warm. At home. Thomas came from Goffstown. Judith Prescott preached in school house -
I went to Generals in evening and then to school house and heard Judy 1/2 hour. Poor stuff.

Wednesday Aug. 30, 1820
Very warm. At home.
Thomas went to Philip Wallace's in P.M. -----------
Received to H hds Rum last evening from Portsmouth.

Brother last evening tarried with me until this morning and then went to Uncles with James
and tarried all night.

Sept. 1
Thomas came from Uncles in P.M. and I and James went with him to Aunt B's and took came(?) back and he stopt for the night at Mr. M's .
Nathan and Alpheus came from Gilmanton
Fine showers in P.M. At home all day

~ Lion at Capt. Heath's. Went to Mr. Yeatons in A.M. Took his horse and wagon and at
1/2 p 2 P.M. set out with brother for S via Concord 33 miles. Arrived at 11 P.M. at Drs.
Found all well. Tarried all night.

Pleasant ~ rose 1/2 p 6. Attended meeting at Sanbornton in A.M.
Mr. Courser preached
Text Ecclesiastes 7.29
At 1/2 p 2 P.M. set out for Epsom. Took tea at Mr. Thomas Butlers , Canterbury and at home by 10. All abed.
Nathan and Alpheus returned to Gilmanton after meeting.
Mr. Taiuter - Universalist , preached in Meeting House in evening.

4 Monday
Extremely warm. At home. Mr. Berry of Boston had called on me in A.M..
Wrote to Mr. Cushing for ?Hhd Molasses dated 5th inst @ll4_
Think there must be a fire in the S. E. this evening from appearances.
Thomas D. Merrill and wife, Dr. Crosby and Catherine Gray. went to Dr. Chadwick in P.M.
Statira Babb dined at Mr. McClarys.
Thought of dear # - 9 P.M.

Attended auction at Bradbury Cilley's store as Clerk. Had a very fatiguing days work.--
At home by 8 P.M.

Attended Vendue all day
Sales both days amount to $330~

At Cilley's Store settling vendor bills.
Very warm.

8 Friday
At home all day. Probate Court at Capt. S.A. Heaths. Had but little company.

At home - but little company.
Went to Northwood in evening. Had Deacon Sanborn's pony. Very Warm.
At Mr. Clarke's by 11 P.M. All abed - hoped to have seen dear # but was disappointed.

Sept. 11, 1820 Sabbath (this is an error, it should be the 10th - T.J.)
Very Warm. Attended meeting at Northwood all day. Mr. Wheeler of Candia preached.
Text A.M. 1 Cor. 2-14
P.M. John 1-13 ---
Saw an elephant and Lion at Mr. Clarke's - called at Capts., Mr. M's and Mr. K's and at home 1/2 p 10 P.M.

At home all day, very warm and had but little company - dull times - cash scarce????

12 Tuesday
At home. Fine rain more than has been for two months past.
Was at Generals in evening.

Training Capt. Browns Company.
Pleasant. Had but little company. Badger says he has a license from the Selectmen to retail until March
Meeting, will get rich I guess.

14 Thursday
Received orders for Regimental Muster from Adjt. White.
Wrote to # dated (16th) and I sent to K by Nathan Knowlton.
At home all day.

Warm. At home. No company. John Lock Jr. started for Eastport.

16 Saturday
Warm. At home.
Heard that Hon. William Plummer and Miss Margaret F. Mead were married on Tuesday
last at Newmarket ~ may happiness attend them.
Dear #, If you were present on the occasion did you not think of your friend -- did you not wish that he were near you. O may kind angels ever bless and protect you --------
May happiness be ever yours.

1820 Sabbath Sept. 17
Weather Pleasant.
Attended meeting at Epsom. Mr. Curtis preached from Joshua 23.15 all day
Went to conference in evening. Deacon Sanborn prayed
Mr. Merrill read one of Burden's Sermons - Text "the Lord is risen and us (?)"
Called at Mr. Curtis' in evening with Dr.

18 Monday
Went to Northwood in A.M. Called at Mr. C's and paid him $30-
Called at Mr. K's and Mr. Stokels - they have heard at Northwood that Margaret was married last Wednesday - had Drs. pony.

19 Tuesday
Rain most of the day. Mr. Steele went to Exeter.
At home all day.
Had a fire in the store for the first time this season.
Went to bed at 9-
Thought of # and then to sleep.

1820 Wednesday Sept. 20
Cloudy A.M. Up at 1/2 p 5.
Made a fire in the house.
Training in P.M. Had some company.
Ralious(?) for regimental Muster bid off to after Mr. S. Blake 130@ 14 1/2 ? at Mr. J. Chesley's~

21 Thursday
At home all day and had but little company

22 Friday
had little company. Engaged packing butter most of the day.

23 Saturday
At home. Cool weather - Mrs. Sanborn and Ann went to Concord.
Mr. Curtis took the oath as Chaplain of the 18th Regt. and received his
Walked to Northwood in evening, at Mr. Clarkes's by 9 P.M. - many up.

1820 Sabbath Sept. 24
Attended meeting at Northwood. Mr. Brown of Campton preached
Text A.M. Kings 18-21
P.M. Hebrew 2-3
Walked to Epsom in evening. Called on Mr. Mead's, at Mr. K's wrote to him a few lines and enclosed in Mr. B's letter - walked home with Mr. ?W.M., Mr. C. saw # at Exeter Friday with Elisa Miller at Mr. B's.
Called at Mr __'s and tarried an hour, ate some cake and drank some bely(?) - thought of dear # all the way home.
Moon shone brightly.
Mr. Merrill of NewMarket preached at Epsom Meeting House.

25 Monday
At home A.M. Went a shooting P.M. with D.L. Bad luck-
called at Generals
Mr. J.B. Girard came to Epsom Sabbath evening.

26 Tuesday
Cool. Nothing new today. Dull times.

27 Wednesday 27 Sept.
At home all day

28 Thursday
Little company. M.W.M., E.F.M., and L.F.M. (Mead sisters) went to Pittsfield.

29 Friday
At home. Catherine Gray made me a cockade
Had very little company. Mr. Merrill of Northwood called.

30 Saturday
Went to Northwood in P.M. and tarried all night at Mr. Clarke's.
Mr. C. and others returned from Court.
No news from # - saw M.W.M.
Set up while 1 at Night
Had Mrs. S's Pony and chaise.

Oct. 1 Sabbath
up 1/2 P 6 A.M.
Took breakfast and returned to Epsom.
Attended meeting all day. Mr. Curtis preached
Text Matthew 25.4
Elisabeth Johnson went to Hopkinton with Mr. Chandler
Dear #, How I long to hear and to see you.

1820 Monday Sept. 2, 1820
At home. Weather pleasant.
Capt. Green's Company out at Daniel Cilley's. There in P.M. rode Batchelder's pony up.

3 Tuesday
At home. Overcast. Col. Jonathan and M.P.G. spent most of the day with me.
Dixey Crosby came from Gilmanton in evening.
Received a newspaper from Jonathan T. Drake.

4 Wednesday
Regimented muster at Deerfield parade - rode Batchelder's pony. Started at 6 A.M. in Co. of Dr. and Mr. Curtis. had a hard days work.
At home by 7 P.M.
Dined at General Butlers - W.C. and Col. Jonathan there
Gen. Upham and Gen. Montgomery reviewed the Regiment.
Received a letter from Mr.K. heard that # is to return soon. Welcome news----
O that I could see her at this moment.

5 Thursday
At home all day.
General McClary and wife took tea at Widows.
Was very tired. Went to bed 8 P.M. and thought # of friendship.
Dixey returned to Gilmanton.

6 Friday
At home. Some rain - visited the Dr. to post his books most of the day.

7 Saturday
At home all day.

8 Sabbath
Attended meeting at Capt. Heath's. Mr. Curtis preached.
Mr. Tauiter preached in Meeting House in P.M.
Mr. Harriman in A.M.
Went to conference in evening. Dr. read sermon - Deacon Sanborn prayed and Mr. Curtis ---

9 Monday
Went to Portsmouth with a load of Butter. Had Joseph Dows pony and wagon - commenced raining about an hour and continued to rain all day - tarried at Mr. Clarke's two hours & proceeded - tarried at Demeritt's in __ all night - wet as you please.

10 Tuesday
Continues to rain. Arrived Wild's 2 P.M. Covered with mud and water and tired - having to walk most of the distance from home. Stopt at W's all night.
Jonathan Steele Esq. had a son born this morning.

11 Wednesday
Rained until 2 P.M., set off for home @ 3 in company with John Cate and Mr. Sherburne and at Durham by sunset. Tarried at Capt. B's all night. Called at W. Blyds - tarried 1 hour.
No news from #.

12 Thursday
Fair weather. Rose at 5 A.M. Breakfasted at Furber's in Nottingham and at home by 2 P.M.
Called at Mr. Clarke's store but not at house. __ Mr. K. bought a bbl flour for at Portsmouth - @ 5 ½ $ -
Intended to have called at Mr. Mead's but having company did not.
Met Samuel & Miss Sherburne at Furber's on their way to Portsmouth.

13 Friday
At home all day. No company of consequence.
Called at Mr. Steele's in evening and went up stairs to see Madam. Drank 2 glasses wine and Dr. 3.

14 Saturday
Fair. David Steele & sister went to Durham - Mrs. Lord & Miss Maria Melcher came to town form Portsmouth.
At home until evening then went to School Meeting at Chesley's.
Came home & to bed.

15 Sabbath
Rainy. At home A.M. At meeting P.M. Mr. Curtis preached Text Psalm 1-4
Thought of dear # & that I could see her.

16 Monday
Rained last night very fast an abundant supply of water fell and continuing to rain today.
Dr. called this morning between 3 & 4 A.M. to go to Ju. McDaniels 40th case of midwifery that he has had since 30th Oct. 1819.
O may kind angels hover around you and may you be blest with health, cheerfulness and contentment and may you soon return to Northwood in safety - Will you not dearest girl sometime indulge our thoughts on hours that are past hours that will ever be had in remembrance by the writer who will ever recollect with the most pleasing emotions the happiness enjoyed in this company of the friend his heart holds ever dear - to spend our moment in thy presence I affords superior bliss to ages spent in the society of all the inhabitants of Epsom - may the time come when we can be united in the ___ & dearest of human consolations - live happily in this world - and supremely so in that world which is to come - not that I desire great wealth but a competent supply of the good of this life to render us comfortable and happy ~

17 Tuesday
Cleared off in P.M. yesterday. At home. Little company.

18 Wednesday
At home. Dr. Crosby went to Gilmanton & Catherine Gray.
At home all day.
David Steele & sister returned from Durham -
Business dull less than last year by 1/5
Received H. Tea from Rollins. Mr. Lord & Miss Melcher went home.

19 Thursday
Dr. Crosby returned from Gilmanton. At home all day. Weather pleasant.

20 Friday Octr. 20
At home, weather pleasant.
Mr. Wm Yeaton & Mrs. Langmaid visited at Mrs. M's.
Had but little company. Dr. has a severe cold.
Received a Hhd NE Rum

21 Saturday
Mrs. McClary, Mrs. Sanborn & Sarah set out for North Hampton.
At home all day. - purpose to go to Northwood this evening - hope to see dear # but do not much expect to.
O Fortune why is it ordered that thy gifts are bestowed on those who abuse thy favours while those whom it could appear are now deserving are doomed to live in poverty - to struggle as it were through life - for existence - to die unheeded and unknown -
Went to Northwood in evening - had Mr. Steele's horse. At Mr. Clarke's by 9 P.M. # returned from NewMarket 19th inst- did not see # this evening, called at Mr. K's.

Oct. 22 Sabbath
Pleasant. Attended meeting all day, rode in A.M. with Mrs. C., in P.M. walked.
Mr. Prentice preached from Psalm 2.12
# at meeting all day, first time have seen # for eight weeks, now interesting to her friend than ever-
O I could gaze on her forever with renewed emotions of delight.
Called at Mr. Mead's in evening.
# and Mr. M walked to Mr. K's & tarried ½ hour. # presented me with a pc of Wed cake. # as I thought was rather serious or not pleased. The reason I cannot tell.
Called at Mr. M's two minutes when we returned and then set out for Epsom, but finding Geo. Stickney at Mr. Clarke's at his request tarried all night.
Mr. Clarke and wife having gone to Mr. Coes. Mr. Blaisdell of Gilford preached at Epsom.

23 Monday
6 A.M. returned from Northwood early. Mr. Clarke and Mrs. Coe went to Hillsboro today.
At home all day. In the evening slipped down cellar and injured my shin very much.

24 (Tuesday) Cool
Pleasant Sun. At home quite lame from the affect of last evening fall.
Had very little company. Mrs. Worth wife of Joseph Worth died this day of consumption.

25 Wednesday
Rainy. At home all day until evening. Rode the Dr.'s pony to Northwood in expectation of finding # at Mr. K's. but was disappointed. At home by ½ to 9 P.M. Expect that Mr. K was at Mr. M's. took up a stray horse and left home at French's. Mrs, M returned from Sas (?) -

Oct 26 Thursday
At home all day - cold.

27 Friday
Went to Concord with Dr. Crosby, had Prescott's wagon - dined at my sisters - found all well. Returned by 7. Saw Geo. & Ann Stickney.

28 Saturday
Cold. At store all day, had some company. The L z got rather shiny as the saying is

29 Sabbath
At home all day, intended to have been at Northwood in evening but was to lame could not - went to conference in evening - Dea. Prayed, Mr. Merrill read a sermon, Deacon made some remarks & Mr. Curtis closed with prayer.

30 Monday
Pleasant sun and promise of a fair day.
Took tea at General McClary's with Dr. .
Called at Mr. Steele's.

31 Tuesday
At home all day.

Nov. 1 Wednesday
Pleasant. Dined at Capt. Gray's as did Dr., Capt. H & Mr. Curtis on baked pig and roast chickens. At home remainder of the day.

2 Thursday
At home. Rainy in evening. A child of Moses Lock died this day.

3 Friday
At home, had little company.

4th Saturday
At home all day, __ rain in P.M. and evening so that could not go to Northwood.
Hope to be there tomorrow.

Nov. 5, 1820
Went to Northwood and attended meeting all day. # there. Mr. Prentice preached
Text A.M. John 3.0
P.M. Saml 3.7
In P.M. the sermon was addressed to the scholars of the Sabbath school. 100 in number this past season in Northwood. Dined at Mr. Clarke's, Catherine C. Johnston there. Tarried until 7 and then went to Mr. K's - thence returned to Mr. Mead's and had a very pleasant and social time with # - tarried while 11 - and then home. Brought a letter for A.G. Dearborn from Martha . Mr. Broadhead preached at Epsom. Mr. K. invited me to take supper with him thanksgiving day. Mr. C. and Catherine are to go to Hopkinton Thursday or Wednesday next week.

6 Monday
Chilly. Meeting for choice of Representatives and Elections. Democratic ticket had 146
General Moderator had 101. No opposition. The spirit of the W.l exercised its influence with much effect. Had some company - at home all day.

7 Thursday
Moderate. At home all day. Had some company.

8 Wednesday
At home. Overcast & light rain in A.M.

9 Thanksgiving
Pleasant. Took breakfast at home.
Dined at General McClary's, took tea at Mr. K's, walked there and spent the evening in company of #, Elizabeth & M.W>M., Matilda and Martha Prentice. Had a very pleasant time and the pleasure of walking home with # at 10 P.M.
Returned to Mr. K's and tarried all night - heard that Mr. M was offended with # because I stopt so long Sabbath night.
Attended meeting at Epsom, Mr. Curtis preached Text Psalms 78.29

10 (Friday)
At home all day. Little company at store from Mr. K's by 10 A.M. eat breakfast at Mr. Langmaid's.
Dreamed of # - as # wished evening previous

11 (Saturday)
At home. Weather moderate. Abby D. spent the evening at Widows and I walked home with her.

12 Sabbath
this morning a severe snow storm commenced, the first this season. Should from 4 to 6 inches and cold.
Attended meeting in A.M. Mr. Curtis.
Text Psalm 19.11
No meeting in P.M.
Took tea at Mr. Steel's. Dr. took tea at Capt. Grays.
Wrote to J.T. Drake & O.R. Greene dated 13th insts.
Continues very stormy this evening. Thoughts of dear # of love of friendship and of happiness never perhaps to be realized - Be content with the station in which providence has placed you and murmur not at his dispensations - doubtless all is for the best although man would fain be more wise than his Maker and think otherwise.

13 (Monday)
At home all day

14 (Tuesday)
At home do

15 Wednesday
Went to Leander Badger's to see him - he gone to Portsmouth.

16 Thursday
A.M. home. P.M. was deputized by General McClary to arrest Gilbert and succeeded intaking him on the evening of the same day near Mr. Benj Fowler's in Epsom.

Nov. 17 Friday
Brought my prisoner before the Justice a General McClary at Chesleys - examination continued until Thursday next.

Saturday 18
At home, little company. Was at L. Badgers all day and took all his property - for debt.

Sabbath 19
At home. Weather moderate. Attended meeting all day at Capt. Heath's. Mr. Curtis preached. No meeting at Meeting House for want of a minister. Isaac Towle __ _ __ 12 Wsoed - called at Mr. Steel's in evening
Dr. Called at Curtis p
Moon shown beautifully.

Nov. 20 Monday
At home A.M. P.M. set out for Portsmouth ½ p 3 - arrived at Mr. Clarke's and tarried all night - took tea at Mr. Mead's and spent the evening with Mr. Clarke and wife - saw # pleasant and agreeable - went to Mr. Clarke's at 9.

Tuesday 21
5 A.M. set out for Portsmouth, in P.M. had a smart rain storm and was thoroughly wet - arrived Portsmouth 4 P.M., put up at Wild's Hotel.

Wednesday 22
In Portsmouth all day. Weather moderate and overcast.

Thursday 23
8 A.M. started for home. Traveling very bad, at Mr. Clarke's by ½ p 6 P.M., went to Mr. K's, heard that Mr. M and wife were at Newmarket and that # was at Col. S., took my horse from wagon. Spent the evening until 9 ½ P.M. at Sammy's and took tea. Went home with the Ladies and tarried at Mr. M's until ½ p d - had a delightful and social time - Catherine gave us a couple of Glasses of Cordial and retired in good season. At home by 6.

Friday 24
At home all day. Rainy in Morning - overcast all day.
Mrs. Parsons buried - died at sea
Had a severe headache

Nov. 25 Saturday
Slept soundly last night. At home all day. Bad cold and headache.

Nov. 26 Sabbath
At home all day - read the Abbot. Was sick.
Weather moderate. Called at Mr. Merrill's in evening with Doctor.

Nov. 27, Monday
Weather changed from pleasant to severe cold.
Ann P. McClary went to Portsmouth with T.D. Merrill.
At home all day.

Nov. 28 Tuesday
Slight snow this evening. Two teams started for Durham tomorrow morning.
Weather cold.

Nov. 29 Wednesday
Weather cold. At home.

Nov. 30 (Thursday)
Very cold. At home, little company.

Dec. 1, 1820
Cold - at home all day

Dec. 2, 1820
Cold, at home.
Society pd Selectmen $1109.47 in full for Mr. Curtis note.
I had $kxx @ 6 pr A D.
Same sum
Mr. Steele & Dr. signed with me.

Sabbath Dec. 3, 1820
Chilly. Attended meeting at School House all day. Mr. Curtis preached.
Text A.M. Deut 3.25
P.M. Psalms 106-24
Mr. Broadhead preached in Meeting House
I walked to Mr. K's in evening and back - hoped to have seen # but was disappointed.
Left a letter with Mrs. K for #.
At home by ¼ p 11. Tired enough and to bed.

Dec. 4 Monday
Moderate. Court day at J. Steele's office, respecting training fines -
Had considerable company & at home all day. Company were half drunk ½ sober -and very disagreeable.

Dec, 5 Tuesday
Chilly. at home - little to do, dull times.
Mr. Boyden,a medical student from Hanover called on Dr. and tarried all night.
I paid Mrs. H.S. Cash $kxx

Dec. 6, Wednesday
Engaged in making copies of Col. Jonathan of L__Derry & Chester ___
Weather rather moderate. Went to Mr. Knox's and took tea, as did Dr. Crosby and David Steele. Stopt while 11 and came home. I went up at 8 - the others before dark.

Decr. 7 (Thursday)
Dr. Crosby went to Concord and settled his business with Dr. Morrill - moderate weather, engaged copying ~ census.
At home all day, Had but little company, went to bed ½ 10.

Friday Decmeber 8, 1820
Moderate weather, at home all day. Engaged n copying all the leisure time I had and that was principal part of the day for had but little company to hinder. M.J.C. set off for Boston. Copied Raymond.

Saturday 9
At home until evening. Went to Northwood, had F. Locke's horse and slay. At Mr. Clark's 11 P.M., tarried all night. Snow in evening.

Sabbath 10th
Attended Meeting all day. Mr. Prentice preached. # went to Concord (6) with G. Stickney, returned home this day with Mr. Coe.
Extremely cold - dined at Mr. K's, called at Mr. Mead's in evening and tarried while 9 P.M. Saw # and had a pleasant time. At home 11 P.M.

Monday 11
At home, very cold - had but little company.

Tuesday 12
At home, cold - little company.

Wednesday 13
At home. Called at Mr. S's in evening. Mr. Steele is appointed ___ and Soliciter for this county.

Thursday 14
At home, cold. # spent the evening at Mr. Clarke's.

Friday 15
At home. James Langley from Northwood called with a line from Mrs. C.

Saturday 16
Cold, at home. Mary & Nabby visited at Widows and Dr. and I went home with them. Had but little company. Wrote to Mr. K by Mr. H.M.

Sabbath Dec. 17, 1820
Overcast and cold air. Up at ½ p 7, built a fire in store in morning.
O that I could see dear # and spend the day near her - but as it happens that I cannot, my thoughts will accompany her. # was at meeting last Sabbath at Northwood.

Mr. George preached in School House, Mr. Jones in Meeting House. I attended meeting in A.M., Text Hosea.
At home P.M. At Mr. Merrill's in evening.
Mr. William Brown Aet 22 and Miss Lucretia B. Gray Aet 38
Mr. Benjamin M. Towle and Miss Hannah Sanborn were published.
Attended conference in evening and read a Sermon by Burden. Dea. Sanborn commenced and Frederick (Sanborn) closed the exercises.

Monday Decr 18, 1820
Cold and windy. At home A.M. P.M. went to W.J. Pipers in Northwood - on a visit spent the P.M. and evening and at Epsom by 11. Mr. Curtis, Mr. Merrill and Ladies, Dr. Crosby, Catherine Gray and Miss Barker in Company. Miss G. rode with Dr. and Miss B. with me - had a pleasant ride, but cold.
I went to Mr. Clarke's and Mr. Mead's. # accompanied me to Mr. P's and spent the evening and Matilda Prentice was there likewise had the pleasure of attending # home which was worth more than all.
Dr. rode with Matilda.
The parson was rather unfortunate in breaking his sleigh but otherwise received no injury.

Tuesday Decr. 19, 1820
Moderate - at home all day, little company.

Wednesday Dec. 20, 1820
At home - very little company. Called at Mr. Curtis' and Mr. Merrill's with Dr..

Thursday Decr. 21, 1820
At home all day. Harriet and Dr. visited at Dea. Ira's (Sanborn). I was engaged in posting books all day and evening. John Yeaton and Lucretia McDaniel were this day married.

Friday Decr. 22, 1820
Cold and blustering - Centennial Anniversary of the landing of our ancestors at Plymouth Ms - being 200 years since the first settlement of New England. Mr. Curtis delivered a Sermon on the occasion from Psalm 78 - 1 to 7 verse - quite a full meeting considering the weather.
Dr. and I spent the evening at Mr. Merrill's. - Harriet - L_C and Moses Parsons Gray and Mr. William Brown there.
Christopher Blake Aet yrs and Rachel Griffin 52 yrs both of Epsom published.

Saturday Dec. 23, 1820
At home, cold - Dr. been at Pittsfield all day after Hay - his brother John of Sandwich tarried here tonight.
Col. Jonathan called from Concord, said my sisters were well.
Legislature closed this session after being together 5 weeks and 3 days

Sabbath Decr. 24, 1820
Rather moderate, about 8 inches snow fell. Attended Meeting all day. Mr. Prentice preached.
Text A.M. John 21-16
P.M. Romans 10-16
At home all the evening. Wrote a few lines to # and sent by Mr. K.

Decr. 25 Monday
Mr. Jonathan Grant loaded with flax set for Portsmouth.
I was at home all day.
William Moody formerly of Epsom was cast away near Cape Cod and drowned.

Decr. 26 Tuesday
Cold. A.M. at home. P.M. at 2 o'clock set out for Portsmouth, had Mr. E. Locke's pony and slay. Called at Mr. Mead's, saw # and received 4 hdkfs that she had made for me. Called at Mr. K's. Tipped over the slay near Virgin's but received no injury myself. At Wilds by 9 P.M.

Wednesday 27, 1820
In Portsmouth all day. Took tea at Mr. Samuel Lord's, saw Ann McClary.

Thursday 28
At 10 A.M. started for home. Called at Capt. R's, Durham, Mr. Blys and G. F's Esq. - but Mrs. Plummer between D. and Portsmouth. Called at Furber's, at Mr. Clarke's, and at Mr. Mead's at 7 and tarried while 9.
Had a very pleasant time with dear # - Mr. Mead and wife were visiting at Jonathan Nealey's. at Epsom by 11 P.M.
Very cold. Bought cloth for Mr. K at coat at Portsmouth 11$.

Friday 29
At home all day, very cold and storm of snow.

Saturday 30
At home all day. Very cold.

Sabbath Decr 31
At home. Cold. Mr. C's Wife and Susan, Catherine, came to Widows at 12 noon. Went to Meeting, School House in P.M. Mr. Curtis preached. Called with them and Dr. at the Parsons and Mr. Steeles & they went home in evening.
Wrote to # and sent my Mrs. C.. Mr. Merrill of Newmarcket preached in Meeting House. Went to conference in evening and afterwards called at Mr. Merrill's. Catherine and Moses P. Gray there.

Monday Jany 1, 1821
Mr. William Brown Aet 22 and Miss Lucretia Gray Aet 36 were this day married at Capt. Gray's by Reverend Mr. Curtis and then went to Brown's house and took tea - had a picked company - about 40 - I went in evening, had Mr. Steele pony and tarried 2 hours was very handsomely entertained.
At home by 9 P.M.

Tuesday Jany 2, 1821
At home all day, but little company.

Wednesday Jany 3
Cold. At home all day

Thursday 4

Friday 5 Jany
Probate Court at Capt. Heaths. Sold 80 bushel oats to Maj. J. Cilley of North Hampton.

Saturday 6
At home. Cold. In evening went to Northwood, found Mary W. and # at Mr. Clarke's. There by 11~ had the privilege of passing 1/2 hour with # and sweet were the moments so passed. Went to bed at 1.

Sabbath 7 Jany
Up at 7 A.M. # took breakfast and went home at 11 A.M. Attended Meeting all day. Mr. Prentice preached Text A.M. Rev. 3-16, Text P.M. Prov. 27.1

Called at 6 P.M. at Mr. M's and tarried while 1 - had a pleasant and agreeable time with the friend who is dearer to my heart then every other created being - had the pleasure of receiving that mark of friendship from # that I never but once had before - O my dearest girl when I forget that this heart will cease to throb with an delightful emotion - - - and every joy will be dead to the heart which is wholly devoted to you - lip1 s Hkp - O that your dear parents could know my heart then would they, would they be satisfied that its dearest wishes its best hopes are yours ever.
Tarried at Mr. C's all night.

Monday Jany 8, 1821
At home by 10 A.M., very cold. Mary came to Epsom this day from Northwood with Mr. And Mrs. Clarke on their way to H. L.C.C. tarried at Generals this week.
Home all day until evening and spent that at General McClary's. James Babb began to board at Mrs. M's and to study with Dr. Crosby.

Tuesday 9
At home all day - little company. Hannah went to Mr. M's and I with her and tarried 2 hours.

Wednesday Jan 10, 1821
At home. My sister Hannah came to Epsom from Concord with Mr. G yesterday. Ann McClary went to Saco and Eliza came home from S with Mr. Sanborn(?) and wife.
Mr. Merrill went to Boston Monday last.
At home all day. General and Mary passed the evening at our house.

Thursday Jany 11, 1821
Benjamin M. Towle and Hannah Sanborn both of Epsom were yesterday married by Reverend Mr. Curtis. Dr. went to wedding.
This day is my birthday and am 27 years of age - may the time to come of my life be improved to better purpose then the past.
Mr. Storer and Col. Jonathan McClary went to Concord.
Copied census of Northwood for Col. Jonathan.
Took tea at Aunt Harriet's, large company - very uninteresting to for #, dear # was not there - and every thought, every wish of mine were with #.

Friday Jany 12, 1820
Mr. Storer and Lady set out for Saco - Dr., Eliza, Harriet, Ann Steele and Coc - went as far as Mr. Pipers with them. I had an invitation to dine at General's but company prevented -

Saturday Jany 13
At home, little company.

Sabbath Jany 14
At home - attended Meeting in P.M. Mr. Curtis preached. Dr. Jones in the Meeting House. Mr. Clarke and wife called on their return from Hh, went to General's with them and took tea. C.C.J-S.M.J and Mrs. Bartlett were there.

Monday Jany 15
At home. Cold. Mr. Wood (?) called on us.

Tuesday Jany 16 -
Pleasant. Dr., D. Steele and sister, Col. Jonathan, Eliza, Harriet and Mary McClary, myself and sister spent the afternoon and evening at Mr. Clarke's. # there, had rather a so so time and returned to Epsom by 11 P.M. Catherine G came in Co. - - -

Wednesday Jany 17
At home all day. Mr. Kelley and Mr. Piper called on me. Rather cold. Intended to have called at Generals in evening but company prevented.
Doctor Crosby tarried at General McClary's until past last evening and mentioned that Catherine told him that the bargain between his and G.S. was dissolved.
Wrote to # and sent by Mr. K.

Thursday Jany 18, 1821
Pleasant morning - Northwood party expected at Epsom.
# this day 21 Years of age and may every blessing rest upon her. May every coming year be productive of additional happiness to the friend who is dearer to my heart than every other - and before many circling years have passed may I have the happiness of calling her mine - mine forever p but it so happens that I am to be disappointed. May Heavens richest blessings be showered around the path of my friend.

Mr. Clarke and wife, C.C.J, L.M.J and Miss B., Dr. and myself dined at Generals and took tea at Widows. I paid Mr. Clarke 50$~
They set out for Northwood at 9 P.M..
Set up while 12 and then to bed.

Friday Jany 19, 1820 (1821)
A.M. Cold - at home. Evening went to Mr. M's with Dr., arrived there at ½ p 6 P.M.. Took tea.
Misses C.C.J., L.M.J. and Miss B,, Mr. And Mrs. C - there. Had a pleasant time. Dr. went to Mr. C's with the L's. I tarried at Mr. Mead's while 12 M, had a pleasant and agreeable time. Had the pleasure of spending an hour with #.
At home by 1.

Saturday Jany 20, 1821
Pleasant sun. Cold air. At home all day.
Gr. Stickney went to Northwood.

Sabbath Jany 21, 1821
Went to Northwood with Dr. Crosby, attended meeting all day. Mr. Prentice peached test Numbers 21-9. # not at meeting, went to Mr. C's at noon. In evening called at Mr. Mead's. Saw dear #, stopt an hour. Received of # copy of Versus entitled Summer Evening.
Called at Mr. K's and started for Epsom with Dr. ¼ before 9 P.M.. At Epsom by 10.
Mr. Arnold of Chester preached at Epsom.

Monday Jany 22
At home. Hillsboro ladies returned home this day. Called at Mr. Steele's in evening with Dr. Mary there. Tarried an hour. Mr. C. called in evening on his return from Concord with Catherine and Sarah M.J.
Robert Knox commenced store keeping this day at his house in Epsom.

Tuesday Jany 23, 1821
Moderate - at home until evening, then went to Uncle Babb's and Mr. L's with Dr. Saw Hannah . at home by ¼ p 9 P.M.
Sent $50 to Ichabod Rollins by Leathers

Wednesday Jany 24
Severely cold and blustering. At home - no company, dull times.

Thursday Jany 25, 1821
Last night was severely cold. I believe the coldest for the season.
At home all day. In evening went to General's with Dr. and Mr. Steele and tarried while 10 o'clock P.M.

Friday Jany 26, 1821
Weather has moderated - heard of several people being frozen on Wednesday last --------
Went in evening to Mr. Knox's at 8 P.M. and tarried while ½ p 11.
Col. And Mary, Jonathan, David and Ann S. were there.
Went to bed at 12 Midnight.
One week this evening had a much pleasanter visit at Northwood for then I saw dear #.

Saturday Jany 27, 1821
At home. Weather moderate. Little company.

Sabbath Jany 28, 1821
Pleasant. Went to Mr. Knox's in morning with Dr.
At meeting all day. Mr. Corser preached. Text A.M. John 3.14 P.M. Matthew 6.33
Mr. Broadhead preached in Meeting House.
Went to Uncle Wallace's and Philip's with Dr. and called at Mr. Merrill's in evening.

Monday Jany 29, 1821
At home all day. Called at Mr. Merrill's in evening. Pleasant.

Tuesday Jan. 30
At home. At home. Pleasant. Dr. Crosby and David Steele went to Deerfield south road.
Dr. C. of Gilmanton came to Epsom, tarried at Widows all night.
Wrote to # and sent by Mr. Parsons.

Wednesday 31
At home. Dr. and his father went to Deerfield. Weather pleasant and warm. Dr. C. returned to Gilmanton.

Thursday Feby 1
Last night most of the snow melted and left the hills and road quite bare. Dr. Josiah Crosby is 27 years old this day.
Spent the evening at General's as did Messrs Steele's - Mr. E. Libbey of Portsmouth and Mr. Page of Durham.
Pleasant weather and dull times - dreamed of # last night.

Friday Feby 2, 1821
Moderate. Dull times. At home all day.
In evening at Mr. Steele's with Col., Mary and Doctor.
At home by and to bed 11.
Have read the present week Silliman's Journal of Travels in England, Holland and Scotland - a very interesting work.

Saturday February 3, 1821
Weather moderate. At home until evening then went to Northwood, had Mr. Merrill's pony.
At Mr. K's by ½ p 9 ~ learned that Mrs. L.H.M, Misses M.W.M, E.F.M. and # had just gone home having spent the evening there - regrets that I had not arrived sooner. Went to Mr. Clarke's and tarried all night.
# spent today and yesterday at Mr. K's.
I slept with Samuel Buzzell.

Sabbath Feby 4, 1821
Some snow last evening - up at 7 - went to meeting. Mr. Prentice preached from Prov. 30-7.8.9
# there. Walked and went to Dr.'s at noon and went to Mr. K's. Took supper at Mr. Clarke's, called at Mr. Mead's at 6, tarried while ½ p 9. Had the pleasure of spending a few moments with dearest #.
# presented me with a pair of mittens knit by her own hand - O may riches and blessings be ever hers.

Mr. Merrill's horse was badly wounded by a kick from Mr. Clarke's. At Epsom by 1 and to bed.

Monday Feb. 5, 1821
Moderate weather. At home all day. Wrote to Mr. K. two or 3 lines and sent by Samuel Morrill.
January Meeting in P.M. Levi Locke Moderator
James McCutchin chosen Grand Juror
Ephraim Locke and Frederick Sanborn Petit Jurors to serve at the Superior Court -
O Tempora !! O Mores !!!! [Note - definition: Alas for the times and the manners. Ed.]

Called at Mr. Merrill's in the morning to see about the pony.
Meeting at Abel Brown's this evening to choose delegates to attend Senatorial Caucus at Concord the 13th instant.

Tuesday Feby 6, 1821
Moderate. Went to Mr. Knox's in A.M. with a writ v Jo. Dow and sent it to Mr. Thorndike by Dr. Jhannon - at General's in evening and played whist. Mr. Butterfield of Westmoreland there - also Mr. Steele and wife.
Dreamed of being married to # last night
To bed by 11 P.M.

Wednesday Feby 7, 1821
Weather moderate. This morning at 1 o'clock a child of Robert Knox died Aet 1 year - occasioned by tripping a basin of hot fat into its bosom 2 weeks since.
At home all day.
Thought of # and went to bed at 10 P.M.

Thursday Feby 8, 1821
Cold. Went in A.M. to Capt. Batchelder's in Pittsfield with Hannah - had Aunts slay and pony. At home by ½ p 12 P.M.
Attended the funeral of Mr. Knox's child and assisted in conveying it to the narrow house. Mr. Knowlton of Pittsfield officiated. Sermon preached from James 1-5.
At home sunset.
Mary M spent the evening at Widows. I walked home with her. To bed 10 P.M.
Eat some porridge at Capt. Heath's.

Friday Feby 9, 1821
Pleasant morning. Isaac Towle yesterday bargained for John Batchelder's farm to give $400 in four years and interest.

Saturday Feby 10, 1821
At home all day. Had little company. Weather chilly.

Sunday Feby 11, 1821
Pleasant. Mr. Knowlton preached in Meeting House. Mr. Curtis in School House. I attended at the latter place all day.
Text A.M. Jeremiah 17 - 5&6
P.M. do do 7&8
In the evening walked to Northwood and met # going to Mr. K's. Had the pleasure of passing 2 hours in the company of # and attended her home - then walked to Epsom arrived ½ p 11 - tired enough, to bed at 12.
Capt. C. at Mr. K's.

Monday 12
Overcast, some rain. Went to Pittsfield with Mr. Knox and Steele to attend Dow's Vendue. Gone all day. In the evening called at Rev. Mr. Gwitt (?)
Dr. was very tired and to bed 10 P.M.

Tuesday Feby 13, 1821
At home, weather chilly. The ground is now quite bare and very bad traveling - there was one grand party at Capt. Sanborn's in P.M. Had an invitation, did not go. Among the guests were Aunt H, E.W., H.W, David S. and Ann and Dr. C.
To bed at 10 P.M.

Wednesday Feby 14, 1821
Appearance of Snow, but rather moderate. At home all day.

Thursday Feb. 15
At home until evening then went to Mr. Chesley's at 8 - took supper and tarried the remaining part of the evening.

Friday Feb. 16
At home in day time, passed the evening at Mr. Steele's - Col., Mary, Dr. there. At home by 10. Severe snow storm n P.M. and evening.

Saturday Feb. 17, 1821
At home and but little company.

Sabbath Feby 18, 1821
Cold and windy - attended Meeting all day Mr. Carpenter preached.
Text A.M. Romans 15.30
P.M. Psalm 107 1&2

Monday February 19, 1821
Set out for Portsmouth with Dr. Crosby's and Capt. Heath's ponys & Capt. Sanborns sleigh. Had a pretty good run, went from home at 10 A.M. Called at Mr. Clarke's at Mr. K's, at Furbers, Rich and Jons and at Wilds by 7 P.M. and tarried all night.
Weather moderate. Left a letter for #.

Tuesday Feby 20, 1821
Mr. Clarke and Mr. K arrived at 9 last evening. Rainy and warm.
In Portsmouth until 5 P.M. - and then set out for home in company with Mr. Clarke.

Wednesday Feby 21, 1821
Arrived at Mr. Clarke's at 3 this morning, found the traveling extremely bad. Went to bed and slept until ½ p 8 - took breakfast, walked to Mr. K's, saw # and tarried there two hours. Had a very pleasant time. Dined at Mr. Clarke's and set out for home at 3 P.M., at Epsom by 7 - tired enough ----
James took care of the store for me.

Thursday Feby 22, 1821
At home, little company. Weather moderate.

Friday Feby 23, 1821
Slight fall of snow but moderate. At home all day.

Saturday 24
At home, had not much company. Selectmen met at Mr. Chesley's.

Sabbath Feby 25, 1821
Attended meeting at Epsom. Dr. Jones preached in Meeting House. Mr. Walker, a missionary in meeting house.
Text A.M. Ezekiel 33 - 11
P.M. Mark 16 - 15 & 16
Very crowded house.
Chilly - heard from Concord and intend to be there in one or 2 days.
In the evening went to Northwood with Mr. Sanborn. Called at Mr. Clarke's, - at Mr, K's and Mr. Mead's. Walked to Mr. K's with #, M.W.M. and E.F.M. (her sisters), tarried an hour then # and M rode home with me. Tarried while W (?) and had a very pleasant time and set off for Epsom.

Monday Feby 26, 1821
Arrived at Mrs. M's at 3 A.M. after going to Capt. S's with the pony. At home all day, weather moderate. Called at Mr. Merrill's in evening with Doctor.

Tuesday 27
Cold and high winds. At home until evening then to General's and spent the evening. Dr., David, Eliza, Harriet there.

Wednesday 28
A.M. Overcast. P.M. Snow. Walked to Uncle Babb's, took his horse and sleigh, went to Pittsfield. Dined at Mr. Jenness, found Hannah who went with me to Concord via Loudon, arrived at Mr. Green's at 7 P.M. Found my mother and all friends well.
Expt. 20 & for wool. Ex + ~ which I have paid.

Thursday March 1, 1821
Rainy most of the day. Set our for my brothers at ½ p 8 and arrived home 12 noon. At home remaining part of the day. Cousin James attended store and took the pony home. Went to bed 11 P.M.

Friday March 2
Called to breakfast ¼ before 8. Cold and windy.
At home all day and had but little company.

Saturday March 3, 1821
At home all day, moderate weather for the season. Wrote to # and sent by Mark Hile (?)

Sabbath March 4, 1821
Weather chilly. Attended meeting - Mr. Curtis preached. Text all day Heb. 6-19
Went to conference in evening and called at Mr. Merrill's.

Monday March 5, 1821
Chilly - at home all day. Learned that N.J. Esq. and Lady were at Northwood. Received a hhd molasses from Durham by Mr. Batchelder.
One grand Caucus this evening at Abel Browns. The W (?) and son - Mr. Dickey the Rep., Mr. Tandy, Judge White and tag rag ? attended.
Town officers agreed upon at the caucus.
Hanover Dickey, representative
Jonathan McClary, Town Clerk

General M. McClary )
Hanover Dickey ) Selectmen
Richard Tripp )

Tuesday March 6, 1821
Cold. Had a portable desk of Mr. Stokel.
D. Hoitt and Miss Grace R. Crosby came to Epsom from Gilmanton. L.J. Mead tarried with 3 hours and dined at Widows.
At home all day. Mr. Merrill went to Portsmouth yesterday and returned this evening. Capt. Heath likewise - and John. To bed at 11 with Dr. and Mr. Hoitt

Wednesday March 7, 1821
At home, cold - but little company. Had a large party at Widows among others were the Parson and Rebekka, Mr. Merrill and Wife, Aunt Harriet, Mrs. Frederick Sanborn, Rachel S. and Mrs. James, Dr. Crosby and Wife of Gilmanton - Mr. And Mrs. Blanchard of Sandwich - and Catherine Gray. I visited on Mrs. M and Miss G. home. Dr's father came in town today.

Thursday March 8, 1821
Moderate. At home until evening. Went to Northwood, had Mr. Yeaton's pony. Called at Mr. K's and tarried ½ hour, then at Mr. Mead's. # was at the door and was very pleasant and sociable. Invited me to call -
Mr. James Batchelder and Wife, Mr. Sherburne and Wife were there, tarried while 1 o'clock P.M.
Had a delightful time, had permission of # to ask ~ ~ ~ concerning what is of more consequence to me then every earthly thing - - O my friend with you, to live with you - -to learn how pleasing the thought - -how unprotected may be its consequences - - - O that I were possessed of fortune gladly - O most willingly would I share it with you - - - - - -
Dearest O how much dearer to my fond heart that every other
O that I may have the wisdom to follow that course which shall be for the best - to make you happy is the dearest wish of my heart --- to cause you to be otherwise shall never, no never - for a moment enter into the heart of him who esteems you above every other mortal - - - - - -

Party at Mr. Merrill's.
At home at 3 in morning.

Friday March 9, 1821
At home. Party at Capt. G's, invited but could not attend.
Caucus at Capt. Heaths, was there a while.

Saturday March 10
Moderate - at home all day, had but little company.
Dr. Hoitt and Miss G.R. Crosby returned to Gilmanton.
Went to bed 10 P.M.

Sabbath march 11, 1821
Moderate - at home A.M., P.M. went to meeting, heard Mr. Curtis preach from Psalm 115-3. Mr. Merrill of Newmarket preached in Meeting House.
At Capt. Heath's, Mr. Chesley's and Mr. Locke's in evening and to bed at 10 P.M.
Thought of dear #.

Monday March 12, 1821
Pleasant, at home, little company - - live in hope of better time then the present then _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Annual Meeting tomorrow.

Tuesday March 13, 1813 (1821)
Annual meeting. Weather pleasant, had but little company. Two tents and a bread cent (?) at the meeting house.
General McClary, Moderator )
Jonathan McClary, Town Clerk ) Unan.

Hanover Dicket, Representative - 62 Majority
T.D. Merrill ran against him.

Michael McClary )
Hanover Dickey ) Selectmen
Richard Tripp ) 77 Maj.

T.D. Merrill )
J. Sanborn Esq. ) opposing candidates
Jonathan Cate )

The M -- - - -l and son were thiny (?) as the saying is - the latter home by 2 next morning.
Dreamed of # last night.

Wednesday March 14
Pleasant, at home, little company. In the evening Col. & Chesley called and tarried until 11 P.M.
- drunk or sober -
Wrote to #

Thursday March 15
Continues very pleasant. At home all day. In evening called at Mr. Steele's with Cr. And stopt 2 hours. Wrote to K. enclosed #'s and sent by Samuel Morrill.

Friday March 16
At home. In evening at Mr. S__s -

Saturday March 17, 1821
Smart rain last night and quite stormy and unpleasant today.

Sabbath March 18, 1821
Very cold and uncomfortable weather. I attended meeting. Mr. Curtis preached
Text A.M. 2 Tim 2.11
Text P.M. Job 11-20
Called at Mrs. Sanborn's in P.M., wrote to my brother Thomas in evening.
David Smith began to board yesterday at Mrs. McClary's at s//upr Week and studies medicine with Dr. Crosby.

Monday 19
At home all day and had little company.

Tuesday 20
At home until evening then went to General's with David Steele and Dr. came a while after.

21 - 22 & 23 (Wednesday - Friday)
At home and engaged in copying Census for Jonathan McClary. Had but little company.

Saturday March 24, 1821
At home, weather overcast. Walked to Northwood in evening, very bad walking, wet and muddy.
Saw a light at Mr. M's. At Mr. Clarke's by 10 P.M., Mrs. Simonds of Hh there.

Sabbath March 25, 1821
Commenced snowing in A.M. and 8 or 9 inches had fallen in the course of the day -
Went to meeting in Slay A.M.. Mr. Prentice preached Text Isa. 30.25. # at meeting. I was at Mr. Clarke's in P.M., called at 6 P.M. at Mr. Mead's , saw dear #. Thought Mr. & Mrs. Mead were rather cloudy and after they had retired learned the reason - __ had told # that she must dismiss her friend - - -well one thing he cannot prevent or control - and that is the sentiments and affections of the heart, they will last while I live.
Tarried while 1 P.M. and swiftly flew the hours to me - O my good loved friend, by all the pleasures and pains of that moment when we separated as you say for the last time - I promise to love and honor you as my hearts chosen friend to the latest moment of existence - and although a parents mandate may prevent our ever being united in this world, still will I hold thy loved image dear to memory and to love, and life's latest prayer shall be for your happiness.
# gave me some peppt

Monday 26 March
Walked from Northwood and at Mrs. M's ½ p 3 A.M., extremely fatigued. Called up at 6.
At home all day. Dudley Hill called.
Wrote to #

Tuesday March 24
At home, snowed most of the day - 6 or 7 inches.
Began to copy Londonderry. Mr. Hill at work for Dr..
Thought of dear # and to bed at 11 P.M.

Wednesday March 28
At home, cold for the season. Finished Londonderry - sent my letter (dated 26/ to # by D. Hill.
Went to bed at 11 P.M.

Thursday March 29, 1821
Pleasant morning and promise of a fine day.
Had but little company. Went to Abel Brown's in evening at 8. Returned 10 P.M.

Friday March 30
At home, some company, Mrs. C., Sarah and R. Barker took tea at Widows, did not see them. Col. Was at S. all day and so. So. . Walked home with him - weather moderate and pleasant.

Saturday March 31
At home, pleasant - Col. Here most of day pretty well.
Heard a Robin sing the first of the Season .
9 P.M. thought of dear # and that I could be near her - to see one smile - to hear one word would to be to me far more pleasant than an age with all the Epsom folks. And am I to see her no more, no more rest beside this and enjoy the sweet endearments which flow from social intercourse with loved friends - well time must determine - let me endeavor to be content with its decision.
O # how can I forget #, ever will I fondly cherish thy loved image in my bosom.

Sabbath April 1, 1821
Weather moderate, attended meeting all day. Reverend Mr. Wells of Deerfield preached.
Text A.M. Jeremiah 4-22
P.M. Acts 17-16
Singed the Constitution of the Epsom Branch of the Rockingham Charitable Society and paid to Dr. Crosby the treasurer 3/ - for one year's subscription.
Called at Mr. Curtis in evening and saw Miss S. Barker of Concord.

Monday April 2, 1821
Snow and rain most of the day. At home, cleared off , cold at night.

Tuesday April 3, 1821
Froze considerably last night and is quite cold this day. Drank tea at Mr. Curtis'.
Thought of dear #. O that I could behold her -----------

Wednesday April 4, 1821
Cold and windy. At home. Drank tea at Mr. Merrill's as did Doctor, Moses Parsons Gray and sister and Miss Barkers.
Thought of dear # and that I could be near her. Went to bed at 11 P.M.

Thursday Apr. 5, 1821
Annual Fast. More pleasant than yesterday. Attended meeting, Mr. Curtis preached from Jonah 3 - 5- 10 all day.
Considerable number of people attended meeting.
In evening walked to Mr. K's and had the pleasure of seeing # for a few short moments and allowed the privilege of attending her home ---- swiftly fly the happy minutes devoted to friendship.
At home by 1 A.M. tired enough.

Friday April 6, 1821
Moderate. A.M. attended Vendue at Levi Browns and dined at Uncle Babb's. Returned to Store by 2 P.M. and at home the remaining part of the day.
Party at Capt. Gray's, had a stool but did not go.

Saturday 7
Warm. At home all day. Mr. Fowler died aged 87, also his granddaughter aged 11 Yrs -
In the evening called at Mr. Merrill's with Doctor.

Sabbath April 8, 1821
Weather moderate and showers all day.
Attended meeting all day, Mr. Curtis preached, Text Jeremiah 8-21
Elder Dyer preached in Meeting House.

Monday April 9, 1821
At home, had but little company - commences taking invoice of stock.

Tuesday 10 April
Engaged as yesterday.

Wednesday 11

Thursday April 12, 1821
Finished Invoice up to this date. At home all day and had but little company. 6 inches snow fell.
Dr. Crosby went to Concord.

Friday 13th April
Mark W. Piper buried this day at Meredith.
At home all day, little to do.

Saturday April 14, 1821
Went to Northwood in P.M. , settled al partnership and other concerns with Mr. Clarke to this date and purchased the whole of the Stock in Trade demands __ at Epsom and find myself indebted to him the sum of $kaaox for which have my note and nd Jntt.

Sabbath April 15, 1821
Attended meeting all day at Northwood. Mr. Prentice preached.
Text A.M. Job 14-14
P.M. Psalms 34-6
# at meeting all day, walked. Had the privilege of seeing her and that was all - wanted to call after meeting very much but dared not ---
Called at Mr. K's and Capt. Heaths by 8, had his pony.

Monday April 16, 1821
At home, cold and windy. Little company. Stage commenced between Portsmouth and Concord.

Tuesday April 17, 1821
Went to Portsmouth - had Mr. D. Sherburne's pony and wagon.
Called at Mr. K's and Mr. Mead's, saw # a few moments. At Wild's by ½ p 5. Good traveling. Commenced snowing in P.M. and 6 to 8 inches fell.

Wednesday April 18, 1821
In Portsmouth all day and tarried at night at Jonathan Chase's.

Thursday 19 April
Very unpleasant weather and bad traveling. Set our for home at 7 A.M., arrived at Mr. Clarke's 4 P.M., dined. Called at Mr. Mead's. was invited to stop to which invitation I accepted. Dear # was pleasant and agreeable, had the privilege of two minutes converse with #. O how swiftly they passed.
Called at Mr. K's.. Stopt and hour, called at Dr. S's. At home 11 P.M.. tired enough.

Friday April 20, 1821
At home, weather moderate.

Saturday 21
Sarah M.J. Came to Northwood from C with a Mr. Gilman of Exeter.

Sabbath 22
Attended meeting in A.M. Mr. Curtis preached Text Job 21.14.
P.M. at home.

Monday 23
Wrote to # and sent by Mr. Odell. M.W.M. 17, M.A.M. 12 yrs this day.
Thought of dear # of love friend ship and happiness.
A.W.M. called on for $250 for P&G and J&JBB of P, settled by his father

Tuesday April 24, 1821
Warm & pleasant. At home. Col. Jonathan 36, Eliza M 27 this day.
Was at General's this evening, eat some very fine apples and drank some cider.
Went to bed at 10 P.M.
Mail brought by Stage for first time.

Wednesday April 25, 21
Morning overcast. At home.

Thursday 26
Went to Deerfield, James attended store.
Meeting of Officers of 18 Regiment, dined at General Butler's Ex 2/Hour 9
Up by N., called at Mr. Clarke's , tarried a few moments then at Mr. K's and took tea then at Mr. Mead's, tarried a few moments and saw #. At home by ½ p ( P.M.
Doctor in company, had E. Locke's pony and procured a certificate for him for the use of it.
Grant and Brackett went to Durham.

Friday 27 April
Pleasant. At home. David Steele left Epsom for Peterborough in Company of his pa and sister Ann.
Had a meeting of E.R. Society and sold the publications I bought Athenaeum and N.A. Review @ 6/ea
Dr. Ed. Rw @ 6/ Col. Plough Boy @ 55 cts & Regr @ 30cents and closed the concerns of the same.
Joseph Knowlton of Deerfield sued last week. Owes $1000 more than he can pay.

Saturday 28
Pleasant. Teams returned from Durham. Received a letter form Mr. K and one from S. Rollins.
At home all day.

Sabbath 29
P.M., at home, windy, no meeting, Mr. Curtis preaches at Pittsfield.
Attended at Meeting House in P.M. Deacon Locke led in prayer - Mr. M read a sermon and Deacon Sanborn closed.
Called at Mr. M's in evening with Doctor.

Monday April 30, 1821
A fine warm rain commenced this morning. At home all day.

Tuesday May 1, 1821
Continues rainy and moderate. At home, went to Mr. Knox's in P.M.. I attended training, returned at 5 P.M. At home evening. Pleasant.

Wednesday May 2, 1821
Dr. Crosby went to Gilmanton. Mr. K and another called in A.M. on their way to Warner.
At home all day. Pleasant.
John Batchelder moved to Loudon.

Thursday May 3, 1821
Weather cooler. At home. Lemuel Parker and Isaac Towle moved.
Dr. returned - received ie$ of S.G. Batchelder for my mother by Doctor Crosby.

Friday May 4, 1821
Chilly. At home. Probate Court at Capt. Heath's.
Dreamed of # last. O that I could have seen her.
Evening walked to Mr. Kelley's, arrived at ½ p 8. # there, had a pleasant interview with her who is "lovely to soul and to eye" Tarried while a A.M. and walked to Epsom there by ½ p 2. Had one K from #
Dark and showers.

Saturday May 5
Showery. At home all day. Mr. K called and took tea, rode with him to his house. # there. Tarried until 10 P.M. - swiftly flew the moments and ever will they be remembered-.
# tarried all night - I went to Mr. Clarke's, all abed - but Mary - I soon followed their example.

Sabbath 6
Stormy. Rode to Meeting in A.M. with Mr. Clarke and Sarah. In P.M. with Mrs. Clarke. Mr. Prentice preached.
Text A.M. Judges 3-7
P.M. Song of Solomon
Called at Mr. Mead's ½ hour. Saw # and bid her evening. # at meeting and rode home with us at night. Tarried at Mr. K's all night.
Mr. Dyer preached in Epsom Meeting House.

Monday 7
Walked home, arrived ½ p 5. Went to see Mr. Langmaid in A.M. who had a fit yesterday and threatened with a fever.
At home the remaining part of the day.

Tuesday May 8, 1821
At home, pleasant. Capt. C called at store, sent some pear scions by him to Mr. Clarke.

Wednesday May 9
Pleasant. At home, little company, dull times - and Cash scarce.

Thursday May 10
Pleasant. Set up last night with Mr. Langmaid. Appears much better this morning.
At home all day. Mary came from Mr. Clarke's after Epsom, who went with her to Northwood.
Wrote to Mrs. C and to S.K. Intended to have written to #, but want of time prevented.

Friday May 11, 1821
Wrote to #. At home all day. A severe rain storm and cold.

Saturday 12
At home all day and had but little company.

Sabbath May 13, 1821
At home, pleasant. Communion Day - attended Meeting. Mr. Curtis preached.
Text Luke 14~
Called at Jonathan Godfrey's with Doctor and took tea at Mr. Steeles.
Went to Mr. Langmaids in evening and stopt all night.

Monday May 14, 1821
Chilly. At home, very little company. Sent letter to # by Dr. and one to Mr. C. Doctor and Mary rode to Mr. Clarke's in P.M. and took tea. Returned in evening by 10 - received a line from Mr. K. Large party at Mr. C's. The parson's 3 daughters and # E.F>M. and M.W.M, Miss F. of Exeter also arrived to begin their school in that District.
Out frd - ?? - no matter.

Tuesday May 15, 1821
At home, Dr. Merrill called this morning - expect Eliza from Northwood Thursday. Dr. M is on his way to Gilmanton to see his family.

Wednesday May 16, 1821
At home, little company.

Thursday May 17, 1821
At home, Eliza returned from Northwood with Doctor.

Friday May 18, 1821
At home. Mr. C and wife are to set out for Boston.
Went fishing with Col and Chesley in P.M.

Saturday May 19, 1821
At home. Chilly. Little company. Widow planted her corn this day.

Sunday May 20, 1821
Chilly. Attended meeting. Mr. Curtis preached Text Acts 26-28.
Elder Knowlton in Meeting House. Called at General's and Mr. Steele's in evening.

Monday May 21, 1821
At home. Chilly and little company. In evening went to Northwood. Had Dr.'s pony. Called at Mr. K's , hoped to have found # but was disappointed. Went to Mr. Clarke's, # there and A.M. J. Tarried only one hour, wish too much longer but dared not.
Returning called at Mr. K's, stopt a few moments and home at 12 midnight.

Tuesday 22
At home. Sent enclosed 50$ to S. Rollins by Jonathan Chase. Mary M. drank tea at Widows. Thought of # and wished that I could be where # is. Had an invitation to drink tea at Mr. Merrill's with Dr. Chadwick's girls and Catherine G.. Doctor C., but company in store hindered.
Received a letter from Hannah. D reamed of # last night.

Wednesday 23
Chilly. At home. Received a letter from David Steele. Had but little company.

Thursday 24
At home - warmer, dull times.
Called at Mr. Steele's a few moments in evening, then at home and to bed.
3 passengers down in stage viz Edward A. Libbey, Caleb Parsons and Mr. Sparhawk.

Friday May 25.
Warm. At home all day. No company. Wrote to Hannah and send 12/s
Mr. S. Lord and wife from Portsmouth arrived in town. 4 passengers up today in stage.

Saturday May 26
Rain most of the day.
1 passenger down in the stage.
At home until evening then walked to Northwood at Mr. K's by 11 P.M. and tarried all night.

Sabbath 27
Attended meeting all day. Mr. Prentice preached Text Jeb 6-25
Walked to Mr. Clarke's at noon and at night and took supper. Saw # AT Mr. K's in the morning for a moment when going to Sabbath school - # at meeting all day. Had the pleasure of walking in Company part of the way form Meeting at night at 5 P.M. Set off from Mr. Clarke's, called at Mr. Mead's, went into the E. Chamber and tarried an hour, then to Epsom. At home ½ p 8. Drank tea. Had Francis Locke's pony and wagon and set our for Mr. Clarke's at ½ p 10, arrived 1 A.M. (28). Pleasant except one or two showers in P.M.
Uncle Geo. Wallis died at Deerfield this day. Had a fit. Aet

28 Monday
Pleasant. Started at ½ p 4 A.M. in company with Mr. C for Portsmouth. Had his wagon. At Portsmouth ½ p 9 A.M. Commenced for home ½ p 6 P.M., at Mr. Clarke's at 1 A.M. (29)
Went to bed at 2
Engaged 100 bbl to Mr. Day @ 55.cts Cooper Portsmouth to be d_?_.

29 Tuesday
Pleasant. Tarried at Mr. Clarke's all day waiting for team. Called at Mr. Mead's in A.M. and tarried ½ hour. Saw dear #. Bought straw for Catherine, gave 24 and she paid me.
At Mr. Clarke's the rest of the day until 11 P.M. then set out for Epsom and arrived 1 A.M. (30). Found all well.

30 Wednesday
Pleasant. Rose at 5 A.M., much fatigued. At home until 7 then started for Northwood. Had Mr. Yeaton's pony. Met a smart shower and got considerably wet. At Mr. K's ½ p 8 P.M.
Mr. Mead and wife went to Newmarket this day. Went there from Mr. K's at ¼ ante 9. Found dear # and passed some of the most pleasant and happy moments that a kind parent bestows on his creatures. O friend beloved and endeared by all that is dear and lovely in this life to thee are the best affections of my mind devoted and my heart is ever yours.
Received some pxxxxx from # with # name inscribed dated 20 Apr 1821

31 Thursday
fair. Arrived at Epsom 3 A.M. Rose at 6. at home all d ay. Much fatigued. Dixcy Crosby and Mr. C.H. Peaslee arrived from Gilmanton. Worked on road in this District.
Rain in evening and continued all night.

June 1, 1821 Friday
Rainy and warm. Up at 7 A.M., dull times, no company.
Mr. Peasley returned to Gilmanton, heard that his sister Eliz is to me married sometime the present month to Mr. Thomas M. Taylor Macht of Sanbornton.

2 Saturday
at home, had some company, not very profitable however.
Mr. Merrill returned from Boston. Dr. Rowell arrested for taking up a child in Allenstown and recognized in the sum of $500. To appear at Judge Burgin's in Allenstown 9th day of July nest A.M. 10. Thought of an __ friend and to bed at 11 P.M.

3 Sabbath
Pleasant - attended meeting all day and conference in evening. Rev. Mr. Farley, a missionary, formerly of Claremont, preached. Text A.M. Mark 10.25 - P.M. ditto 10.27. - Evening John 5.10
Between the hours of 4 & 5 P.M. a loaded wagon from Portsmouth bound to Loudon belonging to Mr. Brown, wagon of the former place, was overturned on the south side of the road descending the hill not far from Jeremiah Prescott's in this town and both horses were killed and the driver considerably injured. The load was partially damaged.
Walked to General's in evening with Dr., Dixcy and James. Returned and to bed by 10 P.M.
Mr. Demeritt of Lee preached in the Meeting House.

4 Monday
Weather delightful this morning and spring appears decked in all her beautiful variety.
Hope to hear from 3 this but probably shall be disappointed.
Mr. John griffin 3d of Northwood and Miss Mary McDaniel of Epsom were published yesterday.
Wrote to #.
At home all day. Stage went by the gate.

5 Tuesday
Fine weather. Dr. went to Concord to attend medical meeting - Serious Annual meeting of the trustees of the N.H. Missionary Society at Epsom this day. Services to commence at 3 P.M.
Paid Uncle Babb $25., lent Aunt Harriet $5 - sent 2.08 by Dr. to pay Mr. Hill 9/ - and the remainder in Lumons(?)
Mr. K and Deacon B. called at 11 A.M.. Mr. K. dined with me.
I attended meeting in P.M., Rev. Eli Smith of Hollis preached a Sermon from Matthew 24-14 - it was expected that Professor Shurtleff(?) of Hanover would perform the services but he did not attend.~~ Matilda Prentice of Northwood drank tea at Mrs. McClary's
At home - Miss P. took a ___ bush home.
Wrote to # by Mr. K.
Went to bed at 10-
Stage passed down, no passengers.

6 Wednesday
At home, pleasant, no company. Dr. Crosby returned from Concord at 7 P.M.
General Election, Concord, Ichabod Bartlett Esq. chosen Speaker House Representatives.

7 Thursday
Very warm. James and Dixcy went to Concord. Mr. Campbell and wife stopt at Campt. Heath's, he is sick of a consumption - tarried all night.
High go at Knox's. Col. Jonathan and Dr. Chesley attended.

8 Friday
Pleasant. At home. Mr. Campbell and wife started for N. Portsmouth.
Settled all accounts with him to this date.
Went into the river in P.M. to wash first time for the season with James and Dixcy.
Reuben Sanborn had a bad wound make in his left leg by broad axe 8 inches long. Frederick Sanborn was hewing with the axe with which it was done.

9 Saturday
Warm attended with rain, fine weather. Wrote to Capt. Francis Quarles of Salem respecting Shook -
Dr. and Dixcy went to Chichester.
At home all day, dull times, getting rich very slowly.
O # may I not expect soon to have the pleasure of beholding you - thou art the sweet soother of every sorrow tho goal to which my dearest wishes are pointing - - - - to have your hand and property sufficient to maintain you as you deserve is all I ask of the bounteous giver of all good.
Walked to Northwood in evening. Called a few moments at Mr. K's and arrived at Mr. Clarke's at ¼ past 10 P.M.

10 Sabbath
Weather pleasant. Up at 7. Mr. Clarke and Sarah went to Hh Thursday last. I attended meeting all day, dined at Mr. K's. Saw # there a few moments at noon and intended to have walked in company, but # rode with Mr. Clarke - Mr. Prentice preached Text A.M. Matthew 19-17, P.M. Job 36-18
Drank tea at Mr. Clarke's, called at Mr. Mead's at sunset and tarried an hour. Saw dear #, had the head ache - the evening was lovely. How did I long to have the pleasure of passing an hour with the friend my heart ever dear but that privilege was denied me.
Arrived at Widows ½ p 11 P.M. Tired.

11 Monday
at home - warm.
Animal show at Capt. Heath's. Very little company at store.
Had an invitation to attend at F? office tomorrow evening to unite in celebrating independence - - - - - -
Thought of friends that are dear and of pleasures that have fled forever.
Went to bed ½ p 10.
Mr. Knox and wife went to Portsmouth.

12 Tuesday
Pleasant. At home, up at 8, stage passed - 2 passengers.
At home.
Mr. Merrill went to Portsmouth.
Dr. received catalogue of C.Ct for C.C.S. and one for Mary McClary

13 Wednesday
A.M. Pleasant. P.M. slight showers.
At home, 5 passengers up today, among them Hon. Wm. Plummer Jr.
Dr. took tea at Capt. G's. Mr. Knox and wife returned from Portsmouth.
Mr. Thomas Moore Taylor and Miss Eliza Peaslee of Gilmanton are to be married this day.
Had cucumbers and melons.

14 Thursday
Rain - warm. At home, received a few lines from Mr. K saying he had gone Concord. Intend going to Northwood this evening.
P.M. rain prevented was extremely sorry for I had hoped to have seen #.

15 Friday
Pleasant. At home. Wrote to #. Little company.

16 Saturday
Moderate weather. At home all day.
Thought of # of love and of happiness distant far, I fear, and these blessings - sent letter to K. by Mr. Stokel - Mr. Steele and wife went to Peterborough. Dixcy and I set up at General's with Eliphalet Wiggin.

17 Sabbath
Pleasant. Slept in A.M.
In P.M. attended meeting at Capt. Grays - the first time it has been holden there. Mr. Curtis preached from Matthew 25.19
Mr. Dyer preached in Meeting House.
Called at Mr. Merrill's in evening.

18 Monday
Pleasant A.M.
P.M. showers. At home, Stage passed up, 1 passenger.

19 Tuesday
Overcast, warm. Hannah came in stage from Sanbornton Expst/d is much out of health - Mary took tea at Widows. My sister tarried at Capt. Heath's all night. Called there in evening.

20 June Wednesday
At home all day with the exception of walking to Uncle Babb's in A.M.
Rainy in P.M. and considerable thunder. Had very little company. Dull dull dull times ! ! !
Thought of #. O when will the time come that we shall be united never more to separate ----- sweet is the hope that this may someday happen.
Hannah tarried at Mr. Merrill's.
This night rained hard. To bed 10 P.M.
1 passenger up in stage

21 June Thursday
Hazy. Hannah went to Uncle Babb's in morning - at home A.M. and but little company.
3 P.M. set out for Portsmouth in Company with Frederick Sanborn. Called at Mr. Clarke's, did not see # and at Portsmouth Bridge 10 evening.

22 June Friday
Moderate. Borrowed lx $ of General yesterday, set out from Bridge at ½ p 5, at Wild's by 7 A.M. Mr. C. called at my shop yesterday.
In Portsmouth until 6 P.M., then came to Durham and tarried at Capt. Richardson's all night. Had Francis Locke's wagon and Moses Osgood's pony.
Bought 1 ¼ yds 13 d cloth of Mr. Jones @ aj/d for self.

23 June Saturday
Arrived at Mr. Clarke's Northwood 8 ½ A.M., took breakfast. Called at Mr. Mead's, saw dear # a few moments - and at Mr. K's - - -
At home by 2 P.M.
James attended store for me.
Thought # rather serious.
Weather warm.

June 24 Sabbath
Warm. Attended meeting all day. Mr. Carpenter preached.
Text A.M.
Text P.M. Psalm 73-24
Went to Uncle's in evening to see my sister. Called at Mr. Merrill's and at Isaac Towle's.

25 Monday
At home. Warm, little company. Wrote to #. Stage passed up.

26 Tuesday
Warm. At home. Timber all hauled for building hall to meet in.
Conclude to proceed with the celebration of 4th July.
Stage down, no passengers.

27 Wednesday
Extremely warm.
A.M. went to the river and bathed. P.M. James and Dixcy went to Northwood. Sent letter to # by James.
At home, hope to hear from # this evening. Received a line from Mr. K. # well

28 Thursday
Began to frame Meeting House. Rainy ½ day. At home, little or no company. Received letter from K. by Mr. Cate. Jonathan M. went to Portsmouth.

29 Friday
At home. Warm. Col. Returned from Portsmouth. Continued framing meeting house. Free Willers rather miffy.

30 Saturday
A.M. overcast. At home. New Hall for meeting of the Congregational Society raised near Capt. Heaths.

Sunday July 1, 1821
Weather Pleasant. Attended meeting at Capt. Gray's. Mr. Curtis preached. Mr. Knowlton in Meeting House.

Monday July 2
At home, little company.

Tuesday 3
Moderate with some rain. Capt. Heath went to Portsmouth.
At home all day.

Wednesday 4
Independence celebrated at Epsom - dined at Chesley's, 150 in number. Mr. Steele read Declaration of Independence and Mr. Osborne of Lu made prayer. Mr. Clarke and Mr. Kelley were present - company broke up about sunset and I was tired enough - went to bed at 12 midnight.

Thursday 5
Dixcy Crosby went to Gilmanton. At home, very much fatigued.

Friday 6
At home. Pleasant. Drank tea at Capt. Heath's. Committee decided that the new road should not be made.

Saturday 7
At home, dull times. Walked to Northwood in evening, at Mr. Clarke's by ¼ p 11 P.M.

Sabbath 8
Pleasant. Up at 7. Took breakfast at Mr. Clarke's and at meeting all day. Reverend L.A Spofford of Gilmanton preached. # at meeting all day. Dined at Mr. Clarke's on roast pig and green peas. Saw # for a moment. At Dr. S's and after tea went to Mr. K's and stopt while 8 P.M. then walked to Mr. Mead's. # was in the door and with M.W.M. - walked to K's and# and I walked as far as the brook and returned. Called at K's and then to Mr. Mead's by 4 ½ P.M. The evening was beautiful and the company delightful. I could have tarried there forever - bade # good eve and at Epsom by 10 minutes p 12 midnight. Tired enough.

Monday 9
At home, little company. Mr. Brackett hauled hobbles to Durham and Francis Locke 72 Shook -
Ann Mc began school in North District.

Tuesday 19
At home.

Wednesday 11
- do - quite rainy. At home.

Thursday (12)
Pleasant. At home. Hannah and Mrs. Langmaid set our for Hampton Falls.

Friday 13
Cool, nothing new or interesting. At home. Wrote to Mr. Green and to Dr. Carr and enclosed 10$ Bilo Concord Bank to Dr. Carr for mail

Saturday 14
James went to Gilmanton. At home all day.

Sunday July 15
At home A.M.
P.M. went to Capt Gray's P.M. Mr. Curtis preached Text Isa. 1.3. Mr. Boody was in Meeting House.
Went to Dr. Chadwick's in evening with Dr. Crosby, took tea, eat some cherries and at home by 11.
Col. C. of Exeter and wife there.
Wrote to # in A.M.

Monday 16
Pleasant. At home, little company.

Tuesday 17
At home. Sent letter to # and to K by Pillsbury. Wrote to Hannah and to Jonathan Brown.

Wednesday 18
This morning about 2 o'clock, was called up by Richardson who said some person was breaking open Mr. Merrill's store. Went over with Dr. and found Mr. Steele forced the window open and the man in the store and when came out we secured him and took him to Capt. Heath's. I went for Mr. M. He came with me to the Store, went in and found 12/ missing from the draw which the follow give up to Mr. Steele at Capt. Heath's. He says his same is Samuel Libbey, that he is in his 21st year, that his parents are both dead, that he belongs to Plattsburgh, N.Y. and has lately arrived at Portland Me. From the island of Cuba. He was arraigned before General McClary this day, plead guilty and was committed by Mr. Knox to the gaol in Exeter.
Wrote to Mr. K by Samuel Morrill.
At home all day. Mr. Merrill sent to me in AM to go over and take some punch at his store.

Thursday July 19
Weather pleasant, at home. Capt. Clarke called in forenoon and tarried an hour.
Mrs. Merrill visited at Widow's in P.M. and took tea.

Friday July 20
At home. Little company. Wrote to # and sent by Mr. Tasker.
Mr. Brackett went to Durham for me, hauled 61 Barrels for fish.

Saturday 21
At home A.M.
P.M. went to Pleasant Pond for bathing with Dr., Mr. M and Mr. S.
Miss Chadwick and Miss Gray drank tea at Widow's and T.T. march.

Sabbath 21
Pleasant. Mr. Wheeler of Candia preached in A.M. from John 1838. Attended meeting A.M.
P.M. at home - Dr. took tea at Mr. Merrill's. Evening he and I walked to General McClary's

Died at Newburyport on Friday last of consumption Mr. John Campbell - he formerly traded in the store now occupied by me. His remains were committed to the tomb this P.M. at Newbury New Town.

Monday July 23
Moderate. Little company. At home. Capt. Heath reaped 1400 Sheaves of Rye

Tuesday 24
Rainy. At home.
Thought of my dear friend and wish I could be near her to pass one pleasant hour in company so valued would afford more real enjoyment than forty years spent with such a race of mortals as we have in Epsom, but adverse fate prevents our wishes from being granted and perhaps it is best so to be.
9 P.M.

Wednesday 25
Rainy. At home. Levi Libbey died this afternoon of consumption Aet He has been maintained by the town for several months past. Has left a numerous progeny in indigent circumstances.
Thought of dear # of love, of friendship and happiness - few are our days and soon will they be forever past.

Thursday 26
Overcast. At home, dull times. Deacon Sanborn hauled a load of Boards to Capt. D. Clarke for me. Mr. Stokell and Samuel Crockett called at store. Heard that L.H. M was to move into his new house this day. Went to bed 11 P.M.

Friday July 27
Warm, at home all day, nothing to do, and little hope of better times.
O that Providence would smile on my exertions to acquire property sufficient to maintain myself and the friend I love.

Saturday July 28
Pleasant. Mr. Clarke and wife came to Epsom in A.M.. Mr. C. went to Concord and Andover and his wife spent the day at Mr. Steele's. I took tea there. Mr. Clarke passed the night at Aunt Harriet's. In evening went to Mr. K's, had Mrs. Sanborn's pony and chaise. How much I did wish to see #, but could not - tarried at Mr K's ½ hour, walked to Mr. Mead's, saw Madam uadayne(?) bible - dear # may you be ever happy - wrote a line to # and left at Mr. K's. At Epsom by Midnight.

Sunday 29
Warm, no meeting a Meeting House.
First meeting at Union Hall 4 or 500 attended. No meeting at Northwood. Mr. Curtis preached text A.M. Mark 14-15&16. P.M. Mark 14-7. I attended all day.
Mr. C. dined at Widow's and Dr. S. and wife and took tea at General's M. Returned after meeting and took tea at Mr. Mead's and I rode with him to General's. Walked back and called at the Parson's and Mr. Merrill's.

Monday July 30
Very warm, at home all day - little company.
Wrote to Jonathan Brown. Called at Mr. Merrill's in evening and drank some tea.
Wrote to cousin James and received a letter from Hannah. To bed at 10-

Tuesday July 31
Warm fine weather for farmers, dull times for traders.
Wrote to S. Rollins and enclosed $100 bill Massachusetts Bank date March 1, 1811 Check Letter S.
At home.

Wednesday Aug. 1
At home

Thursday 2

Friday 3

Saturday 4
At home until evening, then walked to Northwood at Mr Clarke's ½ p 9 and tarried all night.

Sabbath 5
Pleasant. Breakfast at Mr. Clarke's, dined at L.H. M's and tea at Mr. Clarke's.
Attended meeting all day. Called at Mr. Mead's in evening and saw # for a few moments. Started at 9, called at Mr. K's. At home 12 midnight.

Monday 6
Went to Pittsfield and Barnstead. Had Chesley horse.
At home by 6 P.M. Wrote to # and to Mr. Clarke.

Tuesday 7
At home. Deerfield Association met at Epsom.
Rode in evening to Mr. Piper's with his wife and Dr. with Oliver Avery. Some sharp lightning by the way.

Wednesday 8
Warm. At home all day, dull times.
Mr. Clarke called in P.M. and I went to David Sherburne's with him. Bargained for his pony to give st$.
Mr. Clarke went to Concord. Called at Mr. Merrill's in evening with Dr., gave my note to Mrs. H.S. for ai$ CcprC5.

Thursday 9
Sent tub butter to Rollins. Warm.
Mr. C. passed hours this P.M., Catherine S. with him. Didn't call at any of the Guttos(?) in Epsom

Friday 10 August
At home. Pleasant. Had little company.

Saturday 11
At home. Little company. Rode Mr. C's pony to Northwood in evening. Saw # at L.H. M's and had the pleasure of attending her home.

Sabbath Aug 12
At Mr. Clarke's A.M., attended meeting P.M.
Rode with Mrs. C. and C.C.J. Mr. Well's preached. # there .
Walked from meeting, called at Mr. K's and at L.H.M. and took supper and passed a few delightful hours in the company of that friend who is ever dear to my heart and had the pleasure of walking home with her.
At Epsom ¼ p 11. Walked.
Dr. Jones preached at Epsom Meeting House.
O # when will the time arrive that I can call you mine forever?

Monday 13
Went to Portsmouth. Had Francis Locke's wagon and pony. Called at Mr. Mead's, did not see #. Dined at Mr. Clarke's. At Wild's by 7 P.M.

Tuesday 14
In Portsmouth until 7 P.M. then set out for Epsom. At Mr. C's by 2 A.M. (15). Tired as you please.
Abrm Hill and wife and Mr, Sherburne in company from P. Bridge.

Wednesday 15
Up at 7, Capt. Jaquith and wife of Newburyport (Mary's sister) tarried at Mr. Clarke's last night.
Set our for Epsom at 9. Called at Mr. Mead's. Saw # a few moments and said good morning.
Called at Mr. K's, L.H. M's (Levi Hilton Mead) and Dr. Smith's. He is quite sick.
Joseph Stickney and Ann came to Mr.Clarke's Monday - and C.C.J. accompanied them to Exeter on Tuesday.
#, M.W.M., E.F.M., Matilda, Miss Folsom and Mr. Marsh were of the party at Mr. Clarke's Monday.
At Epsom 1 P.M.

Thursday 16
At home, little company, dull times.

Friday 17
At home, little company. Dr. went to Gilmanton in P.M.
Wrote to S.H. and T.H. for Hh ur and enclosed 10$

Saturday August 18, 1821
At home. Beautiful shower of rain in P.M.
Dr. returned from Gilmanton and James ½ p 11 P.M.
Samuel Locke went to Eastport or rather started for the purpose of going.
Col. Jonathan at the store for the first time this 6 weeks.
Mrs. McClary has been sick for a week past.

Sabbath August 19, 1821
At Epsom, pleasant morning. Attended meeting all day. Mr. Spofford of Gilmanton preached.
At conference in evening at the Hall chamber and afterwards rode to the Gate with Ann in Widows chaise.

Monday August 20, 1821
At home, little company,
Dr. Crosby called to Northwood to Paul Davis'.
Mr. Hill came to Epsom to work.

Tuesday 21
At home, little company. Wrote to Hannah.

Wednesday 22
At home, Bonus spent the day or rather part of it with me.
Wrote to # and sent my James L.

Thursday 23
At home, pleasant.

Friday 24
At home. Dr. returned from Northwood. Received a line from K - and went to his house in evening with Mr. Harvey's pony. Walked to Mr. Mead's - saw # a few dear delightful moments at the door. Then for Epsom and there by 1 P.M. (25). Dr.

Saturday 25
At home. Had my license renewed by Selectmen. Rode in evening to Northwood with Mr. Hill - at Mr. Clarke's by 10. Mr. Clarke badly wounded by Drew.
To bed 12 midnight.

Sabbath 26
Mr. Carpenter preached at Northwood. Mr. Piper in the Hall at Epsom and Mr. Harriman in Meeting House. Mrs. M and wife gone to North Hampton, her father sick - passed the A.M. with # and dined there. No other person in the house. Mr. Mead arrived about 2 P.M. much to my regret and I went to meeting in P.M.
Dr. Crosby came to Mr. Clarke's after meeting and Mr. Merrill with him to Dr. Smiths. I took tea at Mr. K's and went to Mr. Clarke's. Soon after Mr. Mead called, I then started for Epsom.
Called a few moments and saw dear # - she presented me an apple and a bumch of Pinks - and I then rode to Dr. Smith's with Clarke. Drank tea and walked with the exception of 2 miles, to Epsom. Very dark and rainy. At Mr. Merrill's by 9 evening. Wet as I could wish.
Dr. Smith sick of a fever. Dr. Rice of Montreal and Mrs. Girard published.

Monday 27
At home. Weather pleasant - Col. At store and Chesley.

Tuesday 28
At home all day, very little company and dull times.
4 P.M. my thoughts roam to a dear and highly valued friend - O may happiness and contentment ever be the inmates of her gentle bosom - may Heavens richest blessings be scattered in her path in rich profusion - and O may I one day be so fortunate as to posses the hand and the heart of her my heart holds ever dear honored and beloved.

Wednesday 29
At home all day, dull times and little company.

Thursday 30
Pleasant, at home. Eliza and Ann went to Gilmanton.
Wrote to Dixcy and to #. Nothing new. Received a letter from S.K.

Friday 31
At home, little company.

Saturday Sept. 1, 1821
Pleasant. # and L.F.M. went to NewMarket, girls returned from Gilmanton about noon.
Received a letter form Dixcy.

Sabbath 2
Pleasant in A.M. - rode to Dr. Smith's in Northwood with Dr. Crosby in the parsons chaise and heard Mr. Prentice preach a sermon from John 16.13. returned to Epsom at noon attending meeting in P.M.
Mr. Curtis preached from Romans 8~16 - at conference in evening Mr. Curtis read Prof. Wood's sermon on the death of Dr. Worcester of Salem.

Monday 3
Wrote to Bro. E. Green and enclosed $20 for my mother per mail.
At home al day, severe gale of wind in evening - blew down the Gilead Tree near Capt. Heaths.
Thought of dear # of love and happiness - -

Tuesday Sept. 4
Pleasant morning, at home.

Wednesday 5
At home. Training 2 company's out.
Had some company.

Thursday 6
At home. Went to Philip Wallaces in evening with Dr..
Mrs. Clarke came to Epsom with Mrs. Gookin.

Friday 7
Probate Court at Capt Heath's. Read Lt. Leon - Mr. Clarke and wife dined at General's and drank tea at our house.
At home all day.

Saturday 8
At home, pleasant.
In evening went to Northwood with Mr. C's pony - there by 9 P.M.
Mrs. Girard married by Mr. Curtis to Dr. Rice of Montreal
Dr., General, Col., Mary, T.D.M. and Aunt Harriet went to the ceremony.
Mr. C's pony found at Deerfield and I rode home to Northwood in evening. Tarried all night and bathed in Brown's pond.

Sabbath 9
Mr. Curtis preached at Northwood. Attended all day.
Text A.M. Luke 15.17
P.M. do 15 18-19 & 20
Mr. Prentice preached in Hall and Elder Boody in Meeting House at Epsom.
Went to Mr. K's at noon. # at meeting in P.M.
Supper at Mr. Clarke's and rode Mr. ?'s pony home. Called at Mr. Mead's in evening. Severe showers of rain and hail broke several pains of glass. Saw dear # a few moments - family present.
Mr. Mead quite sick.
Lucretia Brown had a daughter.
At Epsom by 10 P.M. - all abed.

Monday 10
At home, pleasant. Mr. Clarke dined at Steeles. Wrote to # by him. Nothing new.

Tuesday 11
Received a letter from Amelia - all well.
In P.M. Dr. Rice and Lady visited at the Generals. Dr. and I went in evening, took tea and tarried while 11 P.M. Moses and Ann Locke there.
Our folks not invited, much disappointed - we had a pleasant time.
Rain in evening which continued all night. Mr. Steele and wife, Mrs. Sanborn and Rachel there. Moses and Ann tarred all night at Generals.

Wednesday 12
Raining. At home, little company. Up at 7 A.M.

Thursday 13
At home, little company.

Friday 14
Regimental Muster at Deerfield Parade. Fine day. Went from home at 6 A.M., dined at General Butler's.
Went to Northwood in evening, tarried at L.H. M's all night. Saw dear # at her brothers a few moments and was allowed the privilege of attending her home.
Dear to my heart are moments such as these.
Had Ephraim Locke's pony.

Saturday 15
At home by ½ p 6 A.M., very tired.
At home the remaining part of the day.
Dr. Eastman came to Widows.

Sabbath 16
Pleasant. Attended meeting all day at Epsom - communion day. Mr. Curtis preached.
Text A.M. 1 Cor 8-17
P.M. Acts 10-21
Walked to Turnpike with Ann. In evening intended to have gone to Northwood, but rain prevented.
Mrs. Kelley had a daughter born this day.

Monday 17
Rainy. Cousin James sets out for Hanover in P.M. in stage. At home.

Tuesday 18
Went to Exeter in Stage. Dr., Thomas D. Merrill, Mr. Knox and several others at Exeter by ½ p 11. Mr., Merrill and myself put up at Mr. B's. I went to Portsmouth in Stage and Dr. with Mrs. S. Tarried in Portsmouth all night.

Wednesday 19
Returned to Exeter in A.M. with Dr. in Mr. Steele's chaise, there by 1 P.M.

Thursday 20
Continued at Exeter, went to Hampton Falls in evening. Tarried at r. P's all night. Had Mr. S's pony and chaise. Saw my sister, is much better.

Friday 21
Dr. and Mr. Merrill returned to Epsom in stage.

Saturday 22
I came to Northwood with Mr. B. of Pittsfield. Called at Mr. K's and Mr. Mead's. Saw # - tarried all night at Mr. Clarke's.

Sunday 23
Attended meeting in A.M. Mr. Prentice preached. # there and called at Dr. Smiths at noon.
I called but did not see # and then walked to Epsom.

Monday 24
At 4 A.M. set out on for Exeter and walked to within 5 miles of that place - arrived at 11 A.M.

Tuesday 25
Continued at Exeter

Wednesday 26

Thursday 27
Ditto - Samuel Libbey sentenced to 3 years State Prison

Friday 28
Came home in stage.
Evening Mr. C and wife and Col, and Mary returned from Hillsboro. Went there on Monday last.
I spent the evening at Mr. Merrill's, Nathan Crosby and Miss R.M. Moody there.

Saturday 29
At home. In evening went to Northwood, had Mr. Yeaton's pony. Called at Mr. K's. tarried at Mr. Clarke's for the night.

Sabbath 30
Attended meeting in P.M. Mr. Prentice preached. # there. Had the pleasure of waling a part of the way from Meeting with # and in evening called at Mr. Mead's. Saw # a few dear delightful moments and the returned to Mr. Clarke's at 8. Tarried all night.

Monday October 1, 1821
At home. Wrote to #. T.W> Thompson died at Concord this evening.
Dr. and Col went to Concord.

Tuesday 2
Sent letter to # by Mr. Nealey. Dr. and Co. returned.

Wednesday 3
Mr. Clarke dined at Widow's and George.
At home. Evening at Mr. Merrill's/

Thursday 4
At home - evening at Generals and played Whist and Mr. Steele.

Friday 5
At home - evening at home - wrote to James.

Saturday 6
At home, fine weather. $UCL, ox came by stage driver for Mr. Clarke from Concord 13-k - he soon after called and took it. Received a letter from Mr. K, his mother went to Northwood yesterday.
9 P.M. Delightful evening, thought of dear # and wished I could be near her.

Sunday 7
At home, attended meeting at Hall, Mr. Curtis preached. Mr. Knowlton in Meeting House, Communion Day.

Monday 8
At home. Little company. Court between Philbrick and Marston.

Tuesday 9
At home.

Wednesday 10
Went to Portsmouth, hauled butter, had Mr. Osgood's pony, Mr. Locke's wagon. Called at L.H.M.'s, Mr. K's, Mr. Mead's, saw # a few moments, dined at Mr. Clarke's. at Portsmouth Bridge by 9 P.M. and tarried all night at Martin's.

Thursday 11
Morning went to Portsmouth, tarried there all day, put up at Wild's. Tarried there all night.

Friday 12
Set out for home in A.M. and arrived at Mr. Clarke's by ½ p 4 P.M. Rainy. Tarried there all night. Called in evening at Mr. K's and at Mr. Mead's.. Saw dear # a few moments.
Mr. Smith attended store while absent.

Saturday 13
Arrived at Epsom 12 noon. Mrs. M called me when I passed and sent a pr of flannel by me to Mr. Lord. Saw #. Mr. Clarke and George went to Hillsboro.

Sabbath 14
Attended meeting all day, Mr. Curtis preached.

Monday 15
At home.
Mr. Brackett went to Durham for me.

Tuesday 16
Mr. Kelley called on me and tarried ½ of the day. Wrote by him to #.
At home all day.

Wednesday 17
At home. A.M.
Went after my wagon in P.M. and brought it home. Dr. went to Gilmanton - at home same night.

Thursday 18
Agricultural fair at Exeter. Mr. M., Mr. Curtis and General attended. Mr. J.C. and wife, Capt. C. and wife, Mr. M. and wife, Judge H. and others from Northwood attended.
I went to Stokells in evening with my wagon to get painted. Had Mrs. Sanborn's pony. Went to Mr. Mead's in evening, had a pleasant time with the friend my heart holds ever dear. Tarried while ½ p 1 and then for Epsom. Home 3. Snowed first for the season.

Friday 19
At home. About 1-2 inches snow fell last night. All melted today.
At Steele's evening, played whist - Col. And Dr.

Saturday 20
At home. Dr. C and Dr. Weeks cut off a boys leg at Loudon. Mr. Steele went up with Dr.

Sabbath 21
Attended meeting. Mr. Curtis preached.
Text Eph's 5-14 all day
Mr. Harriman preached in Meeting House.
Went to conference in evening. Dr. read.
Called at Mr. M's, heard that Mrs. M. of Northwood obtained the first premium for hearth rug - suppose it was # premium kaps

Monday 22
Windy but not cold.
At home.

Tuesday 23
At home.
Mr. Rockwood and wife came to Northwood.

Wednesday 24
At home. Sold Widow's low to Mr. Hill for 8$
Sent letter to # by Jethro.

Thursday 25
A.M. Home
P.M. attended Vendue at Philip Wallace's.

Friday 27
At home.
Mr. K and wife set out for Lynn.
In evening went to Northwood found # at L. Hills. Tarried there while 3 A>M. (28). Had a very pleasant time. Went to Mr. Clarke's and to bed. Rain in night.

Sabbath 28
Up at 9 - went to meeting. # there all day. Mr. Spofford preached.
Text A.M. Ecclesiastes
P.M. Luke
Called at Mr. Mead's, saw dear # a few moments and at Mr. K's (dined with him), at home by 8 P.M.
Brought my new wagon home.
Mr. Carpenter preached at Epsom Meeting House.

29 (Monday)
At home, little company. Let my wagon to Mr. Dickey to go to Thornton.

30 Tuesday
At home until evening, then went to Maj. Drakes to see about staves.

31 Wednesday
At home. In evening wrote to #

Nov. 1, Thursday 1821
Rainy. At home all day. Heard that Flour was 10$ at Portsmouth. Sent letter to # by Mr. Steele.
To Deerfield reference there between Pierce and Knowlton - Mr. W. Melcher called on me today from Portsmouth.